Gonzo Ero Update: Strike Witches => Stripped Witches?

Topic started by gia on Jan. 1, 2009. Last post by Kuro 6 years, 3 months ago.
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No-Pantsu Witches?
No-Pantsu Witches?
A short video clip (or rather, animated GIF) has appeared at Sankaku Complex that shan't be replayed here (and keep in mind that link is not safe for work) whose origins are unclear...but speculation is that it may be evidence that Gonzo, whose financial situation is less than optimal and who has been rumored to be working on a hentai anime, is working on a very special Blu-Ray release of Strike Witches-- not just one without pants, but one without pantsu (panties), and/or other added fanservices.

Now, on the other hand, this is from 2chan, so it's almost certainly just a well-put-together video-shop. And although fans in Japan are used to seeing added fanservice on their DVD releases compared to the TV broadcast, this would be pretty extreme. But it's unsettlingly possible nonetheless.

Although it could lead to an interesting new trend. Don't you think Vampire Knight or Gundam 00 could be more interesting if everyone was naked?

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Well it's all just speculation and that gif is shopped...they never said it was an official thing. :p I don't want to watch Gundam 00 with everyone naked and it's rather hard to get people to watch anime with me if there's only naked people in it 24/7. Lots of nudity like that should stick to hentai...
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I don't need to see Lockon's shamrock.
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The only one in 00 that needs to be naked is Sumeragi.
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After going through the GIF frame-by-frame (what?! it was for research purposes!) I'd have to say that it's definitely a shoop -- her butt looks awful.

I'd totally watch an ero-version of Strike Witches, though. :3
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