Strike Witches (OVA)

Strike Witches (OVA) is an anime series in the Strike Witches franchise
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Strike Witches (OVA) is the original pilot episode for what would eventually become the regular Strike Witches that would start airing in 2008.


Strike Witches (OVA) is an anime set in a world very similar to earth in the mid-twentieth century. It involves characters protecting the world with the combination of magic and technology. The "Strike Witches" are young females who have very high magic potential, so they are put into a military academy to fight the evil Neuroi. Neurio began an large-scale attack on the human race in the year 1939, and these "Strike Witches" are being trained to fight and defeat it. The Strike Witches usually fight aircrafts, which are the usual forms that the Neuroi take.  In order for a normal human to contend with these attacks by the Neuroi they build special machines for their lower limbs. This type fo equipment are called "striker units" and they enable the girls to keep up and contend with the aircrafts that are used by the Neuroi.
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Strike Witches

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Series Credits
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Kunihisa Sugishima

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General Information Edit
Name Strike Witches (OVA)
Name: ストライクウィッチーズ
Romaji: sutoraiku witchīzu
Publisher Gonzo
Start Year 2007
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