Strike Witches 2

Strike Witches 2 is an anime series in the Strike Witches franchise
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Strike Witches 2 is the sequel to the uber-popular loli pantsu witches' first season. An alternate history series of WW II Era Earth.

Set six months after the events of Strike Witches Season 1. It appears that the war with the Neuroi, the invading alien threat, may finally come to an end. As the united forces move in to start talks. An even larger Neuroi Nest fires upon the humanoid Neuroi and over takes the nest. Now, this new threat has come to reignite the war.

New Base

501st JFW base in Romagna
501st JFW base in Romagna

The second season of Strike Witches is based in in the alternate world version of Southern Italy called the Romagna.

The 501st JFW of Strike Wicthes is based on an island that is similar to their Britannia base from the first season. It fist appeared in in Episode 2 and is still under construction. It is located off the coast of Romagna in the Adriatic Sea. Unlike their previous base, where the 501st JFW had private rooms. In this base they were mainly paired to rooms.

New Neuroi Threat

Large Neuroi Nest
Large Neuroi Nest

After the destruction of the Neuroi Nest that had occupied Galia, communications were attempted with another Neuroi Nest and humanoid Neuroi in what was called Operation Tarjanus. The operation was a failure when an even larger Neuroi nest had appeared and completely engulfed the previous one. It fired on and destroyed the humanoid Neuroi.

This new breed of Nueroi seem to be just as mysterious as the previous one. Though identical in appearances, they show increased abilities at regeneration and tougher armor. Some have even shown the ability to actually relocate it's own core to avoid destruction. If the core is not destroyed, then the Neuroi can reassemble itself as good as new.

New abilities: faster regeneration, tougher armor, free-roaming cores.
New abilities: faster regeneration, tougher armor, free-roaming cores.

As with the previous season, the Nueroi seem to take on the form that is similar to many experimental aircraft from history. The cause of their attack and goal is still a mystery.

Theme Songs

Opening Theme

OP01"STRIKE WITCHES 2 ~The Magic of Smiles~" (STRIKE WITCHES 2 ~笑顔の魔法~ / STRIKE WITCHES 2 ~Egao no Mahou~)Yoko Ishida1-12

Ending Theme

The single theme song "Over the Sky" was performed by various arrangements of the cast at the end of nearly every episode. Only in the final episode did they all sing together.

ED01"Over the Sky"Misato Fukuen & Saori Seto1-2
ED02"Over the Sky"Kaori Nazuka, Miyuki Sawashiro & Misato Fukuen3
ED03"Over the Sky"Mie Sonozaki & Ami Koshimizu4
ED04"Over the Sky"Misato Fukuen, Chiwa Saito & Ami Koshimizu5
ED05"Over the Sky"Mai Kadowaki & Ayuru Ōhasi6
ED06"Over the Sky"Rie Tanaka, Mie Sonozaki & Sakura Nogawa7
ED07"Over the Sky"Misato Fukuen & Kaori Nazuka8
ED08"Over the Sky"Saori Seto & Miyuki Sawashiro9
ED09"Over the Sky"Sakura Nogawa & Shizuka Itou10
ED10"Over the Sky"Saori Seto & Rie Tanaka11
ED11"Over the Sky"Misato Fukuen, Saeko Chiba, Rie Tanaka, Miyuki Sawashiro, Kaori Nazuka, Sakura Nogawa, Mie Sonozaki, Chiwa Saitou, Ami Koshimizu, Mai Kadowaki, & Ayuru Ōhashi12

Theme Lyrics (link)

Cast & Voice Actors

Though the majority of the original cast returned to continue the roles. Saeko Chiba didn't return to reprise the role of Mio Sakamoto. For season two, Sakamoto was voiced by Saori Seto.

Though licensed the FUNimation company, the English cast has yet to be selected.

501st Joint Fighter Wing

Yoshika MiyafujiFusoMisato Fukuen
Mio SakmotoFusoSaori Seto
Minna-Dietlinde WilckeKarslandRie Tanaka
Lynette BishopBritanniaKaori Nazuka
Perrine-H. ClostermannGalliaMiyuki Sawashiro
Erica HartmannKarslandSakura Nogawa
Gertrud BarkhornKarslandMie Sonozaki
Francesca LucchiniRomagnaChiwa Saito
Charlotte E YeagerLiberionAmi Koshimizu
Eila Ilmatar JuutilainenSuomusAyuru Ōhasi
Sanya V. LitvyakOrussiaMai Kadowaki

Supporting Cast

Dr. MiyafujiFusoHozumi Gôda
Michiko YamakawaFusoArise Sato
Mother MiyafujiFusoYuri Amano
Grandmother MiyafujiFusoJunko Midori
Keisuke HijikataFusoSatoshi Hino
Amaki SuwaFusoKana Hanazawa
Junko TakeiFusoMasumi Asano
Anna FerraraRomagnaYoshino Ohtori
Ursula HartmannKarslandSakura Nogawa
MariaRomagnaMadoka Yonezawa
Hanna-Justina MarseilleKarslandShizuka Ito
DoctorRomagnaJunko Kitanishi
Gallia GirlGalliaTomoko Nakamura

Produced by AIC

Licensed by FUNimation

Original US Poster Art

General Information Edit
Name Strike Witches 2
Name: ストライクウィッチーズ 2
Romaji: sutoraiku witchīzu tsu
Publisher AIC
Start Year 2010
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Aliases Strike Witches Second Season
Strike Witches Dainiki
Strike Witches Dai Niki
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