Strike the Blood Characters

Strike the Blood is an anime series in the Strike the Blood franchise
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Asagi Aiba

Asagi Aiba is Kojo's classmate.


Astarte is Rudolf's familiar.

Aya Tokoyogi

Aya Tokoyogi is Yuuma's mother who was imprisoned in Itogami Island's Prison Barrier. She is the Witch of Notaria

Beatrice Basler

Beatrice Basler is Kensei's subordinate and a member of Magnus Craft until she betrays Kensei for own agenda, selling the angel girls.

Dimitrie Vatler

Dimitrie Vatler is a member of the Lion King Organization.

Kanase Kanon

Kanase Kanon is a nun who takes care of cats.

Kensei Kanase

Kensei Kanase is a scientist who is Kanon's adoptive father as well as the leader of the Magnus Craft.

Koj┼Ź Akatsuki

Kojou Akatsuki was a normal student until the original 4th primogenitor had released her spirit into him, causing him to become a vampire.

Kou Amatsuka

Kou Amatsuka is a character in Strike the Blood.

Koyomi Shizuka

Koyomi Shizuka is Lion King Organization's 3rd leader.

La Folia Rihavein

La Folia Rihavein is a princess of Aldegyr.

Lydianne Didier

Tank is Asagi's co-worker.

Mimori Akatsuki

Mimori Akatsuki is Kojo and Nagisa's mother who is the head researcher of Mar's Medical Department.

Misaki Sasasaki

Misaki Sasasaki is Yukina's teacher.

Moegi Akatsuki

Moegi Akatsuki is Asagi and presumed Kojo's daughter.

Motoki Yaze

Motoki Yaze is Kojo's classmate.

Nagisa Akatsuki

Nagisa Akatsuki is Kojo's younger sister.

Natsuki Minamiya

Natsuki Minamiya is Kojo's English teacher.


Orin is Asagi's classmate.

Reina Akatsuki

Reina Akatsuki is Kojo and Yukina's daughter.

Rudolf Oisutahha

Rudolf Oisutahha is a mage.

Sayaka Kirasaka

Sayaka Kirasaka is a War Dancer.

Yukina Himeragi

Yukina Himeragi is a member of the Lion King organization, and she is ordered to keep an eye on Kojo.

Yuuma Tokoyogi

Yuuma Tokoyogi is Kojo's childhood friend.

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