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Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 6, 2013. Last post by FoxxFireArt 1 year, 6 months ago.
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Post by GokaiRed (181 posts) See mini bio Level 7

Street Fighter is still popular because well firstly


That'll never go out of fashion ;)

Apart from that, I guess it was just how refined it was, it had a type for every type of player. I'm a more aggressive player so i prefered Ken. I suppose my favourite character is M.Bison/Balrog, the guy is so powerful and evil the "good side" he rejected took on a life of it's own :P

I prefer the Alpha series TBH and i'm waiting for a 4th.

Anyway, forget Fighting Street, Guilty Gear Xrd is on it's way baby! XD

Post by Marshal Victory (2,964 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Hoped over to http://streetfighter.wikia.com/wiki/Street_Fighter_Wiki

to get right link an character name cause speling is hard.. err spelling even.


beat a guy with him who was a master player. As he kept expecting combos .. which i had no idea how to do.Course 2 games later he knew i didnt know them an a beating i took but stil the 1st two were intresting.This was in a arcade an about half a year before snes came out with street fighter 2.

Keep looking at http://store.steampowered.com/app/45760/?snr=1_7_7_151_150_3

an found some decent arcade style controllers on amazon ( some over $100 tho) but with games for windows live thing going poof next year, im leary of buying it now :/

Had alot of good times with that game with friends.Loved this series along with Dark Stalkers ,Samurai Showdown ,and Soul Edge .

Post by SuperTiencha (33 posts) See mini bio Level 11

My favorite Street Fighter characters are Karin, Birdie, R. Mika and Chun-Li. I too just like Sam have felt a special connection with Chun-Li. I seem to always enjoy the chinese kung-fu girl characters in fighting games and anime. I think Karin is a very interesting character and its shame they haven't used her often despite being the rival a popular character like Sakura. Birdie doesn't get enough love, he would fit in easily in 4 cuz he already is ugly and muscular. I also think R. Mika is cool, you gotta love that throwing her ass at people technique.

I hate M. Bison and Seth. It's annoying that they kept M. Bison in 4 he is way too cheap and over used. I loved the whole thing 3 did with introducing an entirely new cast. I wish they would do it again cuz I felt 4 was dumbed down and I hated that it was mostly a Street Fighter 2 reunion for nostalgic purposes.

Post by salbing (75 posts) See mini bio Level 9

why is this even a topic on here rather then giantbomb

Post by Marshal Victory (2,964 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@salbing: Some thing Tom And Sam wanted to cover.It does have a anime history as well.Also Giantbomb is part of a difrent company now like Comicvine .

Post by sickVisionz (4,332 posts) See mini bio Level 24

Simply put, it's the best 1 vs 1 2D fighter out there. Capcom are gods at this genre and they've experimented with it to extremes (Marvel vs) and refined it so much that it's bliss. Even when they make games that have their issues, they hit it out of the park. I've played KoF and Guilty Gear and while I think GG is definitely good for the differences (I love that full screen run) there's just something about Street Fighter that strikes a balance between its requirement of technical proficiency on the stick/controller, mechanics of the game (this is where I think GG goes overboard), and the ability to get into it that other companies still struggle with to a high degree, despite some of them having been in the fighting game genre for almost as much time as Capcom has.

Plus there's the legacy of it. They're like Mario. 2D platformers had basically died for a long time but it seems like what really happened was everyone put the genre down but still messed with Mario. I think Street Fighter has the legacy where even if the genre fell off the map, people would still mess with Street Fighter just because.

Post by Marshal Victory (2,964 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@sickVisionz: Mark the day down.. i think i agree 100 % with your post. :)

Also note on pc side scroler platforms are indie material an theirs a good amount of great ones out there.

http://store.steampowered.com/app/209120/ Just noticed this Street Fighter vs Tekken dam it has games for windows live to.. hopen capcom understands microsoft is huritng sales atm.

Post by FoxxFireArt (2,654 posts) See mini bio Level 25
I'm not a big fighter-game player. Back when I did play STREET FIGHTER, I loved playing with Cammy. Partly because I have a softspot for British gals. I could have sworn Cammy had the leap step before Chun Li.

I never played far enough into the series, but hadn't the series suffered from an overabundance of Ryu globes?

I do own PERSONA 4 ARENA for the PS3.
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