Stray Cats Overheat

Stray Cats Overheat is an anime episode of Haganai NEXT that was released on 03/08/2013
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Kodaka meets Yusa Aoi, Sena's classmate and perpetual runner-up. Someone has tricked this girl into thinking that Kodaka and Sena are happy and well-balanced individuals -- in a committed relationship! Who is responsible? Will this scandal undermine the Neighbors Club's founding principles of social ineptitude and mutual schmuckery?!
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Stray Cats Overheat
RomajiMayoi Neko Ōbāhīto
TranslationStray Cat Overheat
Theme Music
Opening"Be My Friend"
Ending"Bokura no Tsubasa"
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End Card

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