Stray Cat's Milky Way

Stray Cat's Milky Way is an anime episode of Michiko and Hatchin that was released on 11/12/2008
This episode begins in a strip club, with Michiko venting her frustrations at a stripper named Pepe Lima. As the story goes on, Michiko gets briefly kidnapped by the leader of the young gang from the previous episode, whose name is Rico. Hatchin waits outside the door the with a knife as the two end up running into the stripper from last night, and she nearly runs them over with a car.

Pepe later appears in the "Super-Fancy Chinese Resturaunt" with her little sister Lulu as Hatchin is serving them food. She promises to tell Hatchin more information about her missing father Hiroshi, if Michiko and Hatchin will come to her birthday party at the strip club. After dropping what few coins she has for the meal, Pepe dashes out the back.

Later that night, Pepe asks Rico for some extra birthday money, only to get slapped in the face. After her show on stage, she joins Michiko and Hatchin at the bar, and reveals to a drunken Hatchin that she wants to earn enough money so that she and Lulu can get fake IDs and escape from the town. Michiko beats Pepe in a drinking contest, seeing if she has any information about Hiroshi, but instead ends up dragging a drunken Hatchin back home.

The next day, Michiko's bag gets stolen from the hotel room. Lulu is seen rummaging through it only to come up empty. Afterwards, Pepe comes up with a plan to grab more money by stealing it from Rico. After robbing him and escaping, Pepe suddenly realizes she left Lulu's ID photo at home, so Lulu decides to run back home and grab it.

Later, Pepe is begging Michiko to help her get Lulu back from Rico in any way, but Michiko refuses to be a part of it. Pepe ends up going by herself in a taxi to meet with Rico, but is stopped by a small group of his child enforcers on the way.

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Jun Nakai Key Animator Key animator and character designer for animes such as Argento Soma,Birdy decode, Ergo Proxy, DT Eightron, Eureka Seven, Haibane Renmei, House of five leaves, Mardock Scramble, Samurai Champloo and Tokyo Majin
Tokiichi Kagurazaka Storyboard Storyboard Artist.


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