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It's been a long wait, but some news has finally reached the Western shores via the internet about what will be happening in One Piece after the time skip that will be taking place this week. It was one month ago I wrote about the one month break in the manga. Now, we finally get our first glimpse at what is coming our way for the Straw Hat Pirates.
I thought it important to share with the community to start up a conversation about this change in one of the larger manga series out.
As a personal quirk. I always enjoy analyzing things. Probably, one of the main reasons why I so enjoy detective series. I thought I would point out my own observations from this image and see if you in the Anime Vice community had some to share, as well. Now, let get at it. 
Looking at the overall image. the first thing that catches my eye is the similarity of this picture to the very first splash page of One Piece Volume 1 - Chapter 1 "Romance Dawn". Only Luffy and Nami are in the exact same pose. In both versions, Nami is holding a string of blue gems in her hands, and there are seagulls flying about. The differences are just in the outfits. 
I'm pretty pleased to say that nothing looks very dramatically different. That was one of my biggest concerns about this time skip. Other Shonen Jump series, such as Dragon Ball and Naruto, had rather dramatic alterations after their time skips.


Luffy is the captain. So, let's begin with him. For a two year skip, Luffy doesn't look much different. When One Piece began he was 17, but now he's 19. The only thing that I really notice is the giant X-shaped scar on his chest. That's probably the result of the attack by Admiral Akainu.  His clothes give me a sort of Shanks vibe from them, but still keeping the classic color scheme. Seems odd to me thought that they will now have two characters with large scars on their chest.


Zoro also looks more or less the same. He is now sporting a scar over his right eye. That reminds me a lot of Silvers Rayleigh, the man who was training Luffy in Haki. Some people have made comments that it looks as if Zoro is missing an arm, ala Shanks; but I'm not sure that's the case. I do notice something about his swords. That does look like the Shuusui in his hand, but at his waist. That doesn't look like the Wado Ichimonji or the Sandai Kitetsu. Zoro may of acquired a new blade while training on Gloom Island with Mihawk.


Nami's biggest change appears to be her hair. She used to have the short hair cut, but now the orange locks are down to her back. She has "developed" considerably since she first appeared in the Chapter 1 splash page, but that's been going on in the manga ever since Skypiea. That's not really new. I'm not sure how I feel about the new hair, but I also don't see any new tattoos.


Usopp is a bit hard to judge in this image. The most notable thing is that he's lost all that weight he gained back on Bowin Island. He is wearing such a large hat. It's hard to tell much else about him.


Sanji looks a bit more macho than I remember, and his beard looks more prominent, as well. His suit is pretty much the same, but there is one huge difference. You might not realize it, but Sanji is finally showing off the mythical left eye. As far as canon of the manga goes. He has never shown his left eye. The only time it's been seen was in animation mistakes for the anime and movies. Now, we can see why he's been hiding both his eyes. The swirl on his brows go in the same direction.


Chopper looks like....Chopper. I'm a tad disappointed. He was 15 when he joined the crew. Now, he's 17. I was expecting to see some kind of change in him. The only difference I can see is a change in hats, but he's worn different hats in the past for the movies.


Robin doesn't seem to of changed much. The only real change I can see in that she no longer has her hair in bangs. She was 28 before the time skip. Now, she will be 30.
Franky appears to have the most dramatic change, but after the 'incident' on Mechanical Island. He really did need the most literal work done. I do notice some large scars going down Franky's shoulders. His eyes remind me of Bartholomew Kuma, but that could just be sunglasses. While it appears he might now be bald. The most dramatic alterations appears to be his arms. Though he was a cyborg, they always appeared human. Now, they look completely mechanical. I'm pretty sure he did some major upgrades while in Vegapunk's lab.


Brook is another obscure character in this picture. He's holing an electric guitar and wearing a feathered boa. Looks as if Brook has gone from classical musician to rock music. That or he raided Donquixote Doflamingo's closet.
Well, these are my observations. If you have noticed something. Feel free to share it. This has been a long four weeks. I hope you are looking forward to this chapter as much as I am. Looks as if the Straw Hats are ready to break into the New World, and I can't wait to see the results of the very first training arc in One Piece history.

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- 
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Interesting all the changes that can happen in a two year period...
Nami's hair bothers me for some reason... It somehow makes her not look like her... 
When Naruto and DB made their time skip one of the biggest concerns most people said was that the time skip made the show different and it seemed like a gimmick by the creators. Do you think the same applies here?
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I really like Usopp and Nami's changes simply because they are the only ones that to me appear to have really grown in that time. I was a little frustrated with Luffy's change simply because he went from 17 to 19 and he still looks 16 to me.
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wait, luffy is 19? i didn't know that. having only watched this material, i can say that only nami, ussop and chopper have shown any growth, with zoro, luffy and even franky seeming more or less the exact same. it is a shame, i hoped they would do more with the time skip, though maybe they will reveal it in how the one piece world has changed.

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