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Hello everyone! One of the strange things you notice I have a high affinity besides cars and wiki is calendars. I like them a lot. I have a Club Nintendo one in my room. It's one of merchandise I can show off without feeling so weird and geeky.

Amagi Brilliant Park

I haven't seen Amagi Brilliant Park yet. I thought my friend Daniel did since he had 2 GIFs from that franchise for the caption contest. The calendar artwork is very vibrant and it features very cute girls. One issue is the numbers are hard to see since they are printed on the vibrant background. They get lost a bit. If you are into functionality, this might be a turn off.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

I loved the Fate franchise. The calendar is unfortunately decent. The March/April and May/June are simple poses of your beautiful heroines. For the covers July/August and September/October posters, they reuse covers such as these posters used for the simulcast. I wished they did more new things. I was expecting crazy outfits (that would fit Fate/Kaleid more) or more seasonal themes like Saber, Rin, and Sakura in beautiful yukatas or bikinis.

One Piece

I loved the One Piece 2015 version. You got a nice, traditional layout. Each cover features the Straw Hat Pirates in awesome poses, great attire, and colorful backgrounds. I loved January and December ones. Yes, the December one has Rebecca crying. I'm not a sicko who likes a cover with a beautiful gal crying. No, I'm not that way.

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On November 21, 2013, the NEW YORK TIMES, one of the best selling newspapers in the U.S., hosted an ad for the blockbuster selling manga series, ONE PIECE. This full page ad can be found on Page A15.

This was apparently partially to celebrate ONE PIECE selling over 300 Million copies of Eiichiro Oda's creation. 130 Million of these having been sold since 2009. In every sense of the word, nothing in manga or comics sells quite like this series.

To give a little perspective. Last year, Shueisha published four collected volumes of ONE PIECE and those sold over 23 Million units. It's closest competitor KUROKO NO BASUKE's five volumes of the same year sold just over 8 Million copies. That doesn't even calculate in back issue sales.

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You can now have your wedding aboard the Thousand Sunny. Don't tell Hancock!!!


Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park
Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park

Who needs Vegas or conventions anymore of your wild themed weddings? We now have the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. For the past year they have had a special cruise attraction that allowed guests to ride a life sized, working recreation of the Straw Hat Pirates' ship, the Thousand Sunny. This ship reportedly has a working Gaon Cannon that it fires, a souvenir shop with exclusive merchandise, statues of the Straw Hats for photos, and an aquarium bar. Admission for adults is ¥1,000 and children under 4 are ¥600 yen. The cruise lasts for 20 minutes.

Thousand Sunny at Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park
Thousand Sunny at Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park

The latest ONE PIECE Ch. 668 that was released this week included an announcement that starting June 1st people could now register to have their weddings aboard the Thousand Sunny cruise that Huis Ten Bosch holds. Since the advertisement talks about having your wedding "with the Straw Hats on the Thousand Sunny". It makes me wonder if there could be actors to officiate, or are they just talking about the aforementioned statues. Luffy is the captain. I guess he would have the authority to marry you. Just don't let him anywhere near the buffet table.

Since the ship's capacity is rated at 250 people (not sure if that includes staff), you could have quite the blow out for your wedding. No real word on the cost of this reservation. Would any of you like to have your wedding aboard this ship of dreams?

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The Straw Hats finally break into the New World, and Naruto makes nine powerful friends in this month's releases.

Today is the Japanese release date for two of the big Shonen Three volumes from Shueisha. Though, by this time it was yesterday for them. Ah, the thirteen hour time difference.

Included in the release is ONE PIECE Vol. 66, which contains Chapter 647-656. This concludes the Fish-Man Island Arc, the first arc of the post-time skip era; and begins the latest Punk Hazard Island Arc. It's been great having Smoker and Tashigi back in the story. NARUTO Vol. 60 was also released, which contains Chapter 566-575. This continues to Shinobi World Arc arc, but Naruto has made a groundbreaking change in his relationship with the Nine-Tailed Fox and learns his true name. BLEACH Vol. 55 won't be released in Japan until June 4, 2012.

With VIZ Media's initiative of increasing the publication of these two series, buying these translated in the U.S. shouldn't be that far off. With all the issues I have with some of their publishing and editting practices, I have to applaud them for this.

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The publisher VIZ Media announces a release date for the sixty-fourth volume of the ONE PIECE series and their cover image.

One Piece Vol. 64 US (Sep 2012)
One Piece Vol. 64 US (Sep 2012)

This volume is the setting for the first major battle in the post time-skip era of Eiichiro Oda's ONE PIECE. The release date is set for September 4, 2012, and is currently available on for preorder.

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I've been wanting to make this inspirational-based graphic for a while now. This volumes was released in Japan back in February of last year. The sales of this volumes shocked a lot of people. Japan has a company that tracks all media sales in country. In three days of ONE PIECE Vol. 61 release to stores. It sold over 2 millions units in only three days. That isn't counting the sales for the rest of the week or month. What may surprise many who read this is that these numbers aren't that surprising. ONE PIECE sells millions of copies in a matter of days every time a new volume is released. Every volume since Volume 61 has sold two million within a week. It's the biggest selling manga in Japan right now and blows away every other series in sales. Tell me the comic publisher that wouldn't kill for those kind of sales.

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A Disaster for Sanji! The Queen's Return to the Kingdom!
A Disaster for Sanji! The Queen's Return to the Kingdom!

After I wrote my rather controversial blog post - Anime Vice, Should I Be Pissed Off??. One of the criticism I read was that Anime Vice's forums is just filled with Battle and RPG threads and nothing on the latest episodes. I don't frequent the forums very often, because when I'm not writing articles for the front page. I'm editing the wiki. One of the biggest three of the anime scene is easily One Piece. It certainly isn't as big in the U.S. as I feel it deserves.

Well, to answer that critique I'm writing this thread. Don't say I'm not trying. It's just up to the users to see if they have any interest in following these sorts of postings. It's hard to tell interest level without comments. Now on to business.

One Piece 510

One Piece Episode 510 appeared tonight and on FUNimation's streaming. Probably by Wednesday this will also be on HULU. You have to love how FUNimation has these episodes only for free basically an hour after they air in Japan. Naruto Shippuden and BLEACH make you wait almost a week or two till they are distributed to the general public.

Want to know what shocked him? Watch the episode.
Want to know what shocked him? Watch the episode.

Despite the title, the episode doesn't just revolve around Sanji meeting Emporio Ivankov. We see Chopper leaving the Birdie Kingdom when he gets the local newspaper, and he's shocked at what he sees.

Even Robin's cool smile is hot.
Even Robin's cool smile is hot.

It then moves on to Robin. Ohhhh, Robin. I can't stop myself when she's in a scene. I just can't help take so many screenshots. As you will tell if you check out the pictures below. She says goodbye to the innocent Soran and gets a lift from the Revolutionaries on the way to meet up with Luffy. On the way, she also gets handed the paper that reveals something shocking Luffy has done. I know that Soran never appeared in the manga, but part of me wishes she had. She's such an adorable kid, and it gives an element of tenderness to Robin. She was one of the only ones who didn't get to interact with someone.

We eventually come to Sanji's story. He's finally shed the dress and makeup, and he's trying to get off the island. Emporio Ivankov arrives and appears before Sanji in his lady form. That makes for a great reaction, and an even greater reveal when he shows his real from. I love how devastated Sanji becomes having to admit that the picture in his wanted poster is him. What's also pretty hilarious is his wildly varying reactions to the pictures of his own crew.

We don't find out what Luffy did that has everyone shocked until the very end of the episode, and Luffy seems to be sporting a tattoo on his right arm that says "3D2Y". The meaning behind that will have to wait for another episode. I'm pretty sure this reveal wasn't until later in the manga version of the story.

The series is winding down to the big time skip from the manga. This is an epic time in the story to come hopping on. Be sure to check out the episode profile I made. I have a whole mess of pictures from this episode for you to check out. Here are the screenshots I took.

Also, You can watch this very episode for free on FUNimation's official website right now HERE. Hurry and go kill 23 minutes to check out out.

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Some Anime Items for Your Christmas List

Seems FUNimation got some new merchandise into the US market and someone at their offices made a video showing off some of the new stuff.

  Capsule Corp. Hat
 Capsule Corp. Hat
The FUNimation blog went on to say that there was a list of new wall scrolls he didn't mention in the video, and I really couldn't find what they were referring. Some of these items look pretty darn tempting. The one's I'm liking are probably the Capsule Corp. Hat and the Soul Eater Book Mark. I just wish they were offering that Capsule Corp. Hat in different colors than white. Maybe more of a baseball cap style, as well.

I do have to add that I'm just astounded that only now are they officially offering a Luffy's Straw Hat. It looks nice, but I'd prefer one made of actual straw. The Alphonse Ski mask looks like something someone would try and commit a robbery with, but I say that about most themed ski masks.
Though this video was a bit vague on where you can get all these items shown in this video. Not all these items were available from a single site. I did some hunting for you users and found which site is providing which items and the current price they are offering them for. From the prices I found, Rightstuf seems to have the better deals.

New Items Price Guide:
Product Name
Claymore Towel: Claren/a
Claymore Pillow: Clare
Dragonball Z Notebook: Goku Super Saiyan 3n/a
Dragonball Z Memo Board: Gokun/a
Dragonball Z: Capsule Corp Hat
Fruits Basket Kyo Notebook
FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Al with Kitten Patch
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Alphonse Beanie (Ski Mask)$17.99$13.49
One Piece Luffy's Straw Hat$14.24$13.49
One Piece Wanted Posters Magnet Sheet
One Piece: Chopper Button (available from other sellers)
Ouran High School Host Club Beelzenef Hand Puppet
(currently unavailable)
Ouran High School Host Club Messenger Bag Silver Gray$32.95$29.98
Strike Witches Towel: Yoshika & Francescan/a
Soul Eater Bookmark: Black Star & Tsubaki's Soulsn/a
xxxHolic Notebook: Yukon/a

Do any of these fine new products look good to you? Plan on picking anything up as an early Christmas gift for yourself?

Source: FUNimation Blogs

 -Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.-
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