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The Straw Hat Pirates are a band of hero adventurers who sail the seas of the Grand Line. Led by the Captain, Monkey D. Luffy.


Most pirate crews in One Piece are often seen as the stereotypes believe. Wicked bandits out to cause trouble and harm the innocent. The Straw Hat crew is far closer to that of a family.

Their captain, Luffy, is a very laid back and kind person. Despite his often childish behavior, Luffy is loved and highly respected among the crew. In some way he has touched every one of them, and awoken a potential inside that they might not of reached if they never met him.


NameJapaneseCrew PositionPersonal Goal
Monkey D. Luffyモンキー・D・ルフィ
(Monkī D. Rufi)
CaptainKing of the Pirates
Zoro Roronoaロロノア・ゾロ
(Roronoa Zoro)
First MateGreatest Swordsman in the World
NavigatorCreate a Map of the World
SniperBe a Brave Warrior of the Sea
CookTo Find the All Blue
Chopper Tony Tonyトニートニー・チョッパー
(Tonī Tonī Choppaa)
DoctorTo Be a Skilled Doctor that can Cure Any Disease
Robin Nicoニコ・ロビン
(Niko Robin)
ArcheologistFind the Roi Poneglyph
ShipwrightBuild the Greatest Ship and Sail it
MusicianTo meet Laboon the Whale Again

Temporary Members

Though they only sailed together for a short time. There have been two characters that are considered part of the crew. They are Princess Vivi and Karoo.


It's debatable as to when the Straw Hat Pirates first became official. One could argue the Straw Hats began when Luffy started his voyage. It could be once he got his first crew member, Zoro. It's more commonly believed that the crew was official after the Luffy was given the Going Merry by Kaya and created their first pirate flag that had the Jolly Roger wearing a Straw Hat. None the less. Luffy wasn't even officially called "Straw Hat(mugiwara)" until after his defeat of Arlong and was given his first Bounty.

Major Story Arc

On the island of Sabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hat crew faced their greatest challenge to date. They were following the directions of a former enemy, turned friend, Hatchan. He was leading them to a man he knew that could provide the crew with the special coating for their ship that was needed to cross into Fish-Man Island.

Luffy strikes Charloss
Luffy strikes Charloss

Through the events leading up to the search for the coating craftsman, Rayleigh. Their mermaid friend, Camie, was kidnapped and sold to slave auctions. Though they were able to free Camie. Luffy had struck one of the world nobles called the Celestial Dragons in the process. Striking them invoked a Marine Warship to be dispatched and Admiral Kizaru to join the attack to arrest Luffy and his crew.

Straw Hats -vs- PX-4
Straw Hats -vs- PX-4

The crew escaped initial capture, but as they were moving on to go into hiding. They were set upon by what appeared to be the Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma. Together they banded in one giant battle to defeat Kuma, but this was a cybernetic copy of the original. This one had PX-4 on the neck. There were several on the island at the time. They were called the Pacifistas. A name they learned from one of the men responsible for commanding them, Sentomaru. He appeared after the crew barely managed to defeat PX-4 with another one called PX-1.

Sentomaru was a formidable fighter. He was somehow able to cancel out Luffy's attacks. This became even worse when Admiral Kizaru finally arrived. Luffy tried to order everyone to split up and run, but Kizaru seemed set on killing the already seriously injured Zoro. He would of succeeded if it wasn't for the intervention of Rayleigh, who was the first-mate of Gold Roger before settling down to be a coating craftsman.

Events didn't fair much better since there was still PX-1 and Sentomaru to hold the crew back from escaping. It became even more complicated when the real Bartholomew Kuma appeared. His first act was to attack Zoro and with a touch of his had made Zoro disappear. Surprisingly enough, Kuma did the same thing to PX-1.

Luffy tried to attack Kuma with all the speed he had, but it was for naught. Kuma only evaded by teleporting or canceled Luffy's strikes with his own power. This went on again and again as Kuma systematically used his powers to cast a person away on each of the crew. One by one as Luffy was powerless to stop him.

Only Luffy was left
Only Luffy was left

Finally, only Luffy remained. He suffered and cried over his inability to protect any of his friends as Kuma stood on watching him. Kuma told Luffy that they would never meet again. Surprisingly, Rayleigh made no move to stop Kuma as he used his casting powers on Luffy. This was the greatest defeat the Straw Hat crew had ever suffered.

The crew had not been killed. Each was sent flying through the air and landed on separate islands that scattered through the Grand Line, Calm Belt, East Blue, and South Blue. Every member landed rather softly and seemed to be in a place where they could improve them self in some way.

Landing Zones & Training

The landing sites of the whole Straw Hat crew was mainly over the Grand Line, but two were put into either the East or South Blue Seas.

Luffy in jail on Amazon Lily
Luffy in jail on Amazon Lily

Monkey D. Luffy landed on the island of Amazon Lily in the Calm Belt. This is the home of the Kuja warriors where strength is beauty. No men are allowed and the ruler is Boa Hancock, a member of the Shichibukai and said to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Luffy was discovered by the amazon Margaret, and he was mistake for a girl form the village since he was covered in a parasitic mushrooms he was eating. Luffy fought to get free once he was discovered to be a man, but was captured by Boa Hancock. Once again, they tried to kill Luffy in an execution, but his honest ways won over not just the respect of all the amazons, but the heart of the empress, Hancock. It was here Luffy would get word that his brother Ace was due for execution. Rather than reunite with his crew, Luffy headed for Impel Down to rescue Ace, with the help of Boa Hancock.

Luffy's rescue of Ace would later prove to be another failure for the young Straw hat pirate, when Ace is murdered by Admiral Akainu on Marineford during the war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates. Luffy was nearly killed by Akainu as well. Once taken back to Amazon Lily, the pirate Rayleigh arrived to take Luffy to another island off the coast of Amazon Lily to train him in the use of Haki. He would spend two years here until he would travel back to Sabaody Archipelago.

Zoro lands on Gloom Island
Zoro lands on Gloom Island

Zoro Roronoa landed on the island of Gloom Island in the Grand Line.

Nami landed on the island of Weatheria in the Grand Line.

Usopp landed on one of the Bowin Islands in the Grand Line.

Sanji landed on the island of Peachy Island in the Grand Line.

Chopper landed on the island of Birdie Kingdom in the South Blue.

Robin landed at the giant bridge of Tequila Wolf in the East Blue.

Franky landed on the island of Mechanical Island Grand Line.

Brook landed on the island of Lazy Bones Island in the Grand Line.

Fish-Man Island Arc

After two years of training on their various islands, the Straw Hat Pirates returned to Shabaody Archipelago. In those two years, much of the crew experienced quite a change. (Chapter 598)

Pirate Ships

The crew more often treat the ships they have owned more as members of the family then some tool to sail from island to island.

Going Merry

The first ship used by the Straw Hat crew was called the Going Merry. The ship was given to the crew by Kaya at Syrup Village as her way of thanking them after the defeat of Captain Kuro and his crew. It was designed and created by Kaya's butler Merry. The ship carried the pirates into the Grand Line, up to the White Sea, and eventually to Water City Water 7. There is was discovered the adventurers had cause irreparable damages. After the rescue at Enies Lobby the Going Merry finally broke down and was given a Viking-style funeral. The crew was able to reflect on what the Going Merry meant to them and said their goodbyes.

Thousand Sunny

The current ship is called the Thousand Sunny. It was created by the crew member Franky and assisted by several members of the Galley-La Company. It was constructed out of a legendary wood from the tree of Adam.

Inside the belly of the Thousand Sunny is a special option called the Docking System. There are several small ports that allow several vehicles be parked while not in use. These items include the White Hobby Horse, Mini Merry, and the Shark Submerge. It also houses paddle wheels that assist in travel during low winds or other kinds of bad weather.


It wasn't until after the indecent at Enies Lobby did the entire crew finally receive Wanted Posters and Bounties. Luffy was the first to receive a bounty after his defeat of Arlong. Zoro's came after his victory over Daz Bones, Mr. 1. in Alabasta. Robin, who joined the crew after Alabasta, has had a bounty on her head since the age of eight. Brook has a bounty as well, but only recently has been seen as a member of the crew.



First Bounty: 30,000,000 (Berries) First Increase: 100,000,000 (Berries)
Second Increase: 300,000,000 (Berries)
Current Bounty: 400,000,000 (Berries)


First Bounty: 60,000,000 (Berries) First Increase: 120, 000,000 (Berries)
Current Bounty: 120,000,000 (Berries)


First Bounty: 16,000,000 (Berries) First Increase: (n/a)
Current Bounty: 16,000,000 (Berries)

Usopp (Soge King)

First Bounty: 30,000,000 (Berries) First Increase: (n/a)
Current Bounty: 30,000,000 (Berries)

Sanji (no picture)

First Bounty: 77,000,000 (Berries) First Increase: (n/a)
Current Bounty: 77,000,000 (Berries)


First Bounty: 50 (Berries) First Increase: (n/a)
Current Bounty: 50 (Berries)


First Bounty: 79,000,000 (Berries) First Increase: 80,000,000 (Berries)
Current Bounty: 80,000,000 (Berries)


First Bounty: 44,000,000 (Berries) First Increase: (n/a)
Current Bounty: 44,000,000 (Berries)


First Bounty: 33,000,000 (Berries) First Increase: (n/a)
Current Bounty: 33,000,000 (Berries)

Crew Total Bounty

800,000,050 (Berries)

Real World Homes

In the volumes of One Piece manga, Eiichiro Oda has a Q&A segment where he answers questions from fans. This segment is called the SBS. In the Volume 56 SBS Oda was asked a question about if One Piece was to take place in the real world, from what countries would the crew come from based on their image.

Crew NameOP Sea of OriginReal World Origin
LuffyEast Blue SeaBrazil
ZoroEast Blue SeaJapan
NamiEast Blue SeaSweden
UsoppEast Blue SeaAfrica (country not specified)
SanjiNorth Blue SeaFrance
ChopperGrand LineCanada
RobinWest Blue SeaRussia
FrankyGrand LineU.S.A.
BrookWest Blue SeaAustria
General Information Edit
Concept Name Straw Hat Pirates
Japanese Name: 麦わら海賊団
Romaji Name: mugiwara kaizoku-dan
Aliases Straw Hat Crew
Straw Hats
mugiwara pirates
1st manga book: One Piece #5
1st anime episode: One Piece #18
1st anime movie: One Piece: The Movie
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