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SHOGUN’S NOTE: We’re still taking a break from our regular episode-by-episode write-ups in Watch & Learn to cover as many new shows debuting this season as we have time for. Read our blurbs on…

At least this show has some self-awareness about the… * AHEM *… limitations of the micro-series format. When one of the leads goes ahead and hangs a lampshade on how a certain gag won’t make sense to new viewers, the show’s clearly fessed up to its niche appeal.

That doesn’t change the oft-confounding nature of these things, though.

I presume that STRANGE+ is a continuation of a previous series - - just titled STRANGE, perhaps? - - and I’ll guess that it’s been about a bunch of goofy mercs who’re better at striking poses than hitting targets. It’s all only conjecture, of course, because the show never troubles itself with introducing its cast, Nor establishing its premise, beyond the admittedly generic intro (seriously, it looks a lot like HUNTER X HUNTER's).

And it all whipped by so frantically that I wasn’t totally sure what I’d just watched when I got to the end of episode 3. I saw of bunch of flashing lights, random scenarios and frantic characters mouthing off, but couldn’t tell you how they added up…

Oh, I did like the set-up of this gang of gunhands having to chaperon a spoiled rich girl to a fast food joint because she really wanted to go to one, for whatever reason. But that's a half-remembered blip. Once again, though, the micro-format cuts things off so quickly that the joke really isn’t allowed to develop enough. I question the point of doing two-minute sitcom gags with four doofuses who aren’t that immediately distinguishable from each other, as opposed to say… funny animals you can “get” immediately?

Watch the first episode “Thief” and decide for yourself.

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Ugh.... Is this micro format thing all the rage now?,
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@Kino88 said:

Ugh.... Is this micro format thing all the rage now?,

Actually, it's quite common. You will see micro series at least once each season. I believe this winter season has the most micro series.

For short series:

This list would be good for Tom and his staff if they have time in their busy schedules to cover these. The ones that are simulcast legally are Pupa, Tonari, Oneechan, and Double Circle (Youtube only).

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This one is to short for its own good. Sure it knows its own time limit. But it does not hook you long term. When the intro an exit is as long as the meat of the show somethings gone rotten. An it becomes harder to care about the show .

Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time does a better job with the short time. Senyu an Senyu 2 did a great job of telling a over arching story with limited time. Much better than Strange+ .

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@Marshal Victory:

Agreed with Senyu and Tonari. The comedic shows do better in the micro department. I remember someone said that Pupa wasn't the first micro series with a horror theme. I forgot the anime's name since it was pretty obscure.

Strange didn't go over its characters like Senyu and Tonari did in a subtle, fun way.

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@takashichea: Not sure on what other shorts have a horror anime theme. But RWBY should have been in the short list since its not a full 30 like the normal anime. Strange+ is not horrid but its not good for me . Yes it breaks the 4th wall at times but it does things that confuses the chatacters an over arching story. It is in the same catagory as Senyu as a action comedy.

Think the only short this season i could recomend is Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time . Heck its become so popular it has a ova already. an they are not much longer than the regular episodes.

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I never thought that Strange+ could actually be a sequel. Maybe that's why I was so confused as to why there was a lack of introduction to the characters.

@Marshal Victory:

I was OK with Strange+ also. I think Senyu did better with its length than Strange+ did.

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There is no prequel to Strange +. See ANN.

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