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Nerdy teacher (sorry, college professor) Sushiaki develops an obsession with one of his pupils, the impossibly proportioned Chizuru Yoshida. Torn with conflicting feelings in the hypocritical manner of Homeroom Affairs, he discovers that she has been secretly appearing in commercials, in contravention of a school (sorry, college) rule that specifies no part-time jobs. Hoping to use this to his advantage, he realizes too late that he has become the plaything of a masterful tease. The "virginal" Chizuru is already sleeping with a rock star, but both men are left in the lurch when Chizuru falls for a female transfer student, Azumi Yamida. Despite several notable names in the crew, this is a creatively barren and often incoherent jailbait fantasy in the spirit of Cream Lemon, complete with a few halfhearted homages to other anime such as Project A-Ko. Based on just part of the 1991 manga in Young Jump by Hiroya Oku, which sold more than five million copies, the story (and viewers) deserved better than this. Though the USMC release labels this as only possibly unsuitable for minors, it's probably unsuitable for anyone. N

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General Information Edit
Name: Strange Love
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1996
Romaji: Hen
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 40 (mins)
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Aliases Strange
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