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Strange Dawn is an anime series
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Strange Dawn Review Reviewed by Zearth on Feb. 15, 2011. Zearth has written 1 review. His/her last review was for Strange Dawn.
  The  designs  of the characters  and  the  synopsis  might  make  one think  that this  series  is only  a light  hearted fantasy series , however  this couldn't  be more wrong ,  in fact this  is  a  pretty  dark  series  where  show  the  horrors  of  war ,  and  even  attempted rape  are shown  during the  series  and  has  no  problems  in  showing  blood and  death, also  unlike  other  series  where  the protagonist  is  transported  to  another  world and  get superpowers  or  things like that, Here  the  protagonists  do not  change  at all  and its main  attribute being a  giant  in  comparison  to the inhabitants  of that  world ,  one  thing  that  differentiates it from other  fantasy  series  is  the  realism and  the  problems  of  main characters  to cover  their  most basic  need and and their attemps to adapt and understand a completly different world.  Yet  despite being  a  very  dramatic  series it never  falls on  the  melodramatic  or  emotional cheap drama  like other  series .

The Animations may look a little childish, specially the desings of the inahbitants of the new world and may be a little hard get used to them,  but aside for that the animation is pretty good. 
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