Storm of Conviction

Storm of Conviction is an anime episode of Pandora Hearts that was released on 04/09/2009

The previous episode opened with a scene where Oz was being punished for his "existence" by strange men in cloaks; this episode explains more of that. It starts off with Oz all dressed up and ready for his coming of age ceremony; he has just turned fifteen. The ceremony is held by Oz's uncle Oscar, and no one suspects that anything is wrong. However, there are three cloaked figures waiting in the darkness outside of the Bezarius mansion and Oz's best friend and humble servant's, Gilbert, mind has been taken over by the Puppetmaster (the leader of the men in cloaks). Oz is dubbed a "true Bezarius heir" by Oscar. Once he appears before the clock at the altar, all hell breaks loose when the men in the cloaks (as well as the Puppetmaster) crash the ceremony and surround Oz.. Gilbert, possessed, takes a knife and stabs his friend and master. Before anything more can be done the Black Rabbit (Alice) appears. A fight ensues between the Black Rabbit and the men in cloaks. Alice appears in her normal form and explains to Oz that she and he are connected. She says if he wants to live he must form a contract with her. Alice manages to defeat the two men in cloaks but a little too late, for more men in cloaks arrive at the scene. Gilbert pleads with them to leave his master alone. He is cut down when Oz makes an attempt to kill one of the men in cloaks. A final scene shows Break Xerxes speaking with Sharon about Oz and the Black Rabbit.

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Yuki Kajiura Music A anime composer who is known for providing music anime created by Bee Train and the .hack series.


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