Stop, Time!

Stop, Time! is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 10/02/2011


Stop, Time! - "Toki yo Tomare" (時よ止まれ)

Yukio and Rin defeat their father, Satan; after the incident, everything goes back to normal. Yukio and Rin visit their mother's grave in front of the cave. Rin makes Yukio realize that their mother and father gave life to them which should be praised instead not being born at all.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

In My World by ROOKiES is PUNK'D

Mephisto's wager
Mephisto's wager

Mephisto offers the old man eternal youth if he wins his wager, and if the old man loses, Mephisto will have his soul. The war of Assiah still wages on as Yukio and Rin battle the horde of demons. The gate shoots laser beams at the ground, and as Shiemi wakes up, the demons attempt to blow fire at Shiemi and Shura. In the nick of time, Arthur protects them. He charges with Zodiac Slash until he hits a demon, and Rin unleashes a heavy flame attack, but the demons protect the gate. Shura explains that they need to coordinate their attack in order to destroy the gate. Shura first sends her Snake Fang attack, Arthur charges with Zodiac Slash second, Rin jumps on the back of Arthur while Yukio covers him, and Rin launches a wave of fire. Yet, their attacks did not destroy the gate, and the gate fires on top of Rin. Meanwhile, Kuro notices Rin gets hurt.

Kuro gives Yukio and Rin a ride
Kuro gives Yukio and Rin a ride

Underneath the school, Konekomaru and the others fail to find Shiemi, and the demons have broken through the barrier. Bon and Konekomaru hold their ground while the non-exorcists flee to safety. At the top of the school, Rin wakes up Yukio and tells him that the gate is heading towards the city. Rin calls Yukio mean due to becoming a paladin without telling him. Rin reminds Yukio that he got him to fight alongside. Kuro arrives to give Rin a ride, and Yukio, who can hear Kuro’s voice, rides with Rin on Kuro. As they leave, Shura tells Arthur that the boys will fight to protect the world. In the city, Yukio and Rin’s old friends are battling the demons and in Kyoto, Bon’s friend is busy pounding the sword. Back to Bon and the others, Konekomaru states that the Vatican has a seven hour difference since it’s sundown in Japan. Konekomaru suggests that they should flee to the Vatican and lure the demons, but Bon has a better idea. In the city, Yukio and Rin get attack by the horde of demons. Under the school again, Bon directs the exorcists to build a path of mirrors to direct the light from the Vatican to the outside.


Yukio and Rin take this chance to attack the confused demons. However, Rin and Yukio fall down, yet Yukio grabs the Kurikara and unsheathes it. With his blue flames out, Yukio grabs Rin’s hand, and they both ignite and soar into the sky as a blue, burning phoenix much to Mephisto and Amaimon’s surprise. Yukio and Rin fly up to stab the gate with all their might, and as Satan wonders why they oppose his and Yuri's dream, Yukio and Rin reply that they are protecting the world that they love. In Gehenna, Satan apologizes to Yuri for not fulfilling her dream, but Yuri tells him it's too early, and the boys will reveal if their path is the right decision.

As the sun rises, Yukio and Rin appear in front of Ryuji's friend. Ryuji gives Rin a noogie for taking on everything by himself, and he asks Rin if Satan is gone. Rin replies that Satan will come back some day. Shiemi calls Rin and Yukio's name and yells at them for being reckless. She embraces them tightly and cries. Yukio and Rin reassures her while Takara scolds everyone. Arthur walks away, and at the same time, Mephisto remembers a challenge he made long ago. He explains to Amaimon that the old man has lost, but the man shows him what living is truly about.

Credits Roll

Ending Theme

Wired Life by Kuroki Meisa

Points of Interest

  • Rin is the only one who has not see Yuri's memories out of Yukio's family (excluding Amaimon and Mephisto).
  • Bon's female friend, the blacksmith, appears but has no significance.
  • Arthur's move is Zodiac Slash.
  • Who put that yellow flower on Yuri's grave?
  • Mephisto may have made a bet with Faust long ago.
  • All the anime exclusive characters are dead. Examples: Michelle Neuhaus, Yuri, and Ernest. Though Igor's status is unknown.

After the Credits

Everything returns to normal: Yukio is a teacher and a regular exorcist, and Rin is still sleeping in class. Then, the scene shifts when Yukio opens the door to a snowy area with Mephisto's permission. He explains to Rin that he saw the memories of his mother giving birth to them. When a snow golem appears, the golem leads the two brothers to Yuri's grave. At the grave, a yellow flower sits by the grave, and Rin asks Yukio what is their mother is like. Yukio answers that their mother is a wonderful person, and his blunt answer did not make Rin satisfied. Yukio asks Rin if they have the right to be born in this world, and if they didn't, their mother and father would have been alive. In contrast, Rin states that Yukio should treasure the life that their parents gave them.

Rin messes up again
Rin messes up again

Later at the bridge, Yukio, Shura, and the others wait for the ghost rider whose powers enables it to possess vehicles. Rin and Kuro appear much to Yukio and the exorcists' disappointment. The ghost rider attacks Rin, and Rin destroys it, but the ghost rider possesses a trunk. As the ghost rider charges, Rin tells Yukio to listen to the demon's side after pointing to a corpse. While Rin keeps the demon busy, Yukio and Shura watch him.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiroyuki Sawano Music He's the musician in Guilty Crown, Blue Exorcist, and more.
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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