Stirrings of Destiny

Stirrings of Destiny is an anime episode of Baki the Grappler that was released on 01/08/2001
The series kicks off in a isolated part of town as a street gang  one hundred people strong gathers. They are armed with bats, knifes, swords, and brass knuckles. This gang is waiting for Baki Hanma, as Baki  approaches the gang leather cant believe they had to gather so many to take out a little punk. Baki then jumps on the leathers shoulders and punches him several times in the face finishing off with a head-butt. He then turns to the gangs head lieutenant  kicks him in the crotch and the face knocking him  out. He then begins to fight the other 98 gang members. eventually they overwhelm him and before they can beat him to death they are scared off by detective Kido. The next day Baki goes to his state of the art training facility and decides to fire his trainers and train on his own. Meanwhile we finds out that Kuriyagawa  has been hiring people to fight baki including the thugs. As baki rest in a park bench thinking about the next step in his training he sees a person he may recognize run buy and decides to follow him. He ends up in a gym and the person he followed was Yuri Chakovsky. the episode concludes as  Baki  prepares to spar against him.

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Keisuke Itagaki Original Concept Famous for creating Baki the Grappler. Before becoming an artist he serve in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.He also holds a degree in Shorinji Kempo, and has competed in the National Sports Festival of Japan.


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