Sticky Natto Okara Rice Bowl Bento w/ Juicy Cheese Topping 440kcal

Sticky Natto Okara Rice Bowl Bento w/ Juicy Cheese Topping 440kcal is an anime episode of Ben-To that was released on 10/08/2011

Yo Sato attempts to get a half-priced bento from the local supermarket, when he is knocked unconscious by a girl wearing black pantyhose. He wakes up to see a white-haired girl saying something he can't understand before he collapses again and is taken to a hospital. The next day, he walks to school with an excitable girl named Hana Oshiroi, and she seems a little too happy to find out that he has amnesia of the previous day's events.

Later, after school, Yo returns to the same store and attempts to get another bento at half-price, but is knocked out in a flash yet again, with a wounded student muttering "The Ice Queen" before falling unconscious again. This time, he dreams about seeing the same pantyhose from before as he is jolted awake by a bucket of cold water. A supermarket stockboy tells him to stay away from the half-priced bento if he wants to live, but offers him a freebie from the leftover food. As he tries to microwave a "Soyjoy," he forgets to unwrap it and ends up shorting the entire power grid at the boys' dorm by mistake.

The next day after school, he ignores the worker's warning and returns to the same store with Hana, and finally sees what happens after the stockboy puts out the half-price stickers on the leftover bento boxes: a large group of young kids fight each other to the death just to get one. While watching the fight, Yo thinks he's found an opening and rushes in, only to get caught up in the scrum and beaten down yet again. He finally uncovers the identity of the "Ice Queen," his fellow classmate Sen Yarizui. She makes him an offer to join her club if he wants to stop getting beaten up by the crowd trying to get the half-priced bentos as he lapses into unconsciousness yet again.

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