Steins;Gate is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 1 anime series, 3 manga series
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A self-proclaimed mad scientist, a child prodigy MIT graduate and a super-hacker accidentally stumble upon the secret of time travel in their lab.


The eccentric, self-described mad scientist "Kyouma Hououin" (real name: Rintarou Okabe) and his friend/co-worker Mayuri Shiina both head to a conference on time travel. However, Rintarou finds the body of child prodigy Kurisu Makise dead in a pool of blood inside the building, and texts a message about it to his other friend, the "super-hacker" Hashida Itaru. Strangely enough, when Rintarou returns to the same building later, he finds a still-alive Kurisu talking back to him.

Hashida tells Rintarou that he recieved the text message that he sent him one week before Rintarou claims to have actually sent it. The only explanation they find plausible is that he somehow sent the text message back through time. With this discovery in mind, Rintarou decides to dig deeper into this mystery of time travel: How did he witness a murder that did not happen? What is SERN hiding about their research into time travel? And is there really a mysterious Organization trying to destroy him, or is it just the paranoid rantings of a madman?


A "spiritual sequel" to the series Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate also started out as a visual novel written by 5pb and illustrated by Nitroplus. Also like Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate was adapted into both manga and animated form. On top of that, the Steins;Gate franchise has no less than four spinoff mangas, including one comedic 4-koma adaptation and three that each focus on individual characters within the series.

The popularity of the series has spawned a third visual novel within 5pb's "Science Adventure" universe, called Robotics;Notes, with both manga and anime adaptations scheduled to premiere in 2012.

Major Characters

Rintarou OkabeSelf-described "mad scientist" who works on crazy experiments in his lab, convinced that an evil Organization is out to get him.
Mayuri ShiinaOkabe's cheerful childhood friend who spends her time working on cosplay outfits and generally keeping up morale.
Kurisu MakiseA child prodigy who graduated from MIT, tries to disprove Okabe's theories at first. Hates being called "Christina."
Hasida ItaruA "super-hacker" and fat otaku who spends too much time on the internet, but very skilled with computers.
Suzuha AmaneA part-timer who works for Mr. Braun and seems to be afraid of Kurisu for some reason.
Mr. BraunThe landlord of Okabe's apartment who also runs a shop fixing and selling old CRT TVs.
Ruka UrushibaraA young, androgynous boy who works at keeping his family's shrine in decent shape.
Rumiho AkihaThe young owner and top hostess of a catgirl-themed maid cafe in Akihabara under the stage name "Feyris Nyannyan."
Moeka KiryuNicknamed "Shining Finger" due to her preference for communicating by text message than actually talking.

Visual Novel

The VN was originally developed by 5pb and Nitroplus for the XBOX 360 and released on 10/15/2009 (in Japan only). The VN was soon ported to other platforms.

PlatformRelease Date
XBOX 360October 15, 2009
PC (Windows)August 6, 2010
PSP (Playstation Portable)June 23, 2011
iOS (iPhone)August 25, 2011
PS3 (Playstation 3)May 24, 2012


Steins;Gate anime


Steins;Gate manga: The manga that follows the official storyline of the visual novel (later adapted into the anime).

Steins;Gate - Boukan no Rebellion: A manga that focuses on Suzuha and her battle against SERN in the future where the organization managed to conquer the world.

Steins;Gate - Braunian Motion of Love and Hate: A manga that focuses on the past of Tennouji Yuugo, the man who would later set up shop as "Mr. Braun" in the main story.

Steins;Gate - Shijou Saikyou no Slight Fever: A manga that focuses mostly on Kurisu Makise.

Steins;Gate - Sekaisen Hendouritsu x. 091015%: An official collection of comedic 4-koma strips from different artists that makes fun of the different characters in the series.

Steins;Gate: Aishin Meizu no Babel: Another manga adaptation told from Kurisu's point of view.

General Information Edit
Name: Steins;Gate
Name: シュタインズ・ゲート
Romaji: Shutainzu Gēto
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