Steel Angel

Steel Angel is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 03/08/1979

Plot Summary

"Things made by humans spread out endlessly throughout the universe. And within the dazzling stars, to the bearers, they offer encouragement as well as delight and sorrow, but these things will eventually breakdown. But Tetsuro truly loves those who make things for others. " - Narrator

The GE999 is attacked
The GE999 is attacked
The GE999 is preparing to make a two day stop on Masspron when Tetsuro begins to notice explosions happening in the space around the train. He asks Maetel and the Conductor what is going on and discovers that the GE999 is being bombarded by anti-aircraft fire from the planet below. None of the fire seriously damages the GE999 but it is enough to make Tetsuro question the Conductor about why they are stopping on such a dangerous planet. Upon entering the atmosphere, Tetsuro notices a lot of smog and asks Maetel what is causing it. Maetel tells him that Masspron is a highly industrialized planet with factories stretching as far as the eye can see. On the surface of the planet, Tetsuro and Maetel notice that there clothes are being covered in oil and iron powder due to all of the factories.
Maetel and Tetsuro come face-to-face with the attacker of the GE999
Maetel and Tetsuro come face-to-face with the attacker of the GE999
Immediately after exiting the station, the two see a young man chained to a pole. They ask around for an explanation and discover that this is the man responsible for the attack on the GE999. Tetsuro notices that the young man is barely older than and is surprised by this, but a passerby tells him that machinery is second nature to the citizens here and abilities like that are the norm. While Tetsuro isn't happy that the young man bombed the GE999 he mentions to Maetel that he is impressed by the skills of the people on the plan, which is overheard by a woman named Chromeria, who is deeply angered by the statement.
Chromeria is arrested
Chromeria is arrested
Later, Chromeria throws a rock through Maetel and Tetsuro's hotel rooms and tells Tetsuro that people who impressed by the citizens of the planet are wrong. Tetsuro is confused by her anger but before he can react, Chromeria detonates a bomb that she has planted near the base of the hotel, destroying it. While in the rubble, she sees Maetel and tells her that she gets enraged by people who are impressed by the citizens on the planet, explaining that all of the manufacturing is slowly destroying the planet yet none of the citizens are doing anything about it. Maetel shows sympathy for her plight, but the police come to arrest Chromeria before the two can continue talking. When Tetsuro asks what will happen to her, he finds out that she will be executed by a firing squad the next day. Maetel vows to rescue her.
Tetsuro and Maetel speak on Chromeria's behalf
Tetsuro and Maetel speak on Chromeria's behalf
The next day, Tetsuro arrive at Chromeria's execution and her her make an impassioned where she describes her reasoning, saying that she isn't opposed to industrialism but it's the endless industrialism at the expense of the planet that upsets her and motivates her into terrorism. Her words fall primarily on deaf ears, but Maetel and Tetsuro speak up for her and ask that she not be executed. Because the crime happened against them, the authorities decide to abide by their wishes. However, Chromeria is to be locked in jail for three to four years as punishment for her crime. Maetel and Tetsuro share parting words with her and head back to the GE999.
Chromeria and her cohorts hijack the GE999
Chromeria and her cohorts hijack the GE999
While being transported to prison, Chromeria is rescued by her cohorts and they decide to hijack the GE999 in order to escape the planet. Tetsuro finds them onboard and tries to plead with the conductor to allow them to stay, but he refuses to break policy and decides to consult with the computer system for further instructions on what to do. While he is gone, Maetel gives Tetsuro a box of passes to give to Chromeria and her associates, allowing them to stay on board.

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