Starting Block of Reunions!

Starting Block of Reunions! is an anime episode of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club that was released on 07/03/2013
After spending their first year of high school in peace and quiet, Haruka and Makoto run into Nagisa, a new student who was a member at a swimming club with them when they were kids. That swimming club is being torn down, so the three of them sneak in to dig up a time capsule that they buried in the back, which is when they are reunited with Rin, the fourth member of their group who left to study abroad.
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Plot Summary

Starting Block of Reunions!
RomajiSaikai no Sutātingu Burokku!
TranslationStarting Block of Reunions!
Theme Music
Opening"Rage on"
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Back in elementary school, young Makoto and Nagisa watch Haru and Rin race each other in the pool. In the present, Haru remarks how he will become an ordinary person in three more years. Arriving to Haru's home, Makoto finds Haru in the bathtub. Along the way home, Makoto informs Haru that they are in the same homeroom. After bumping into Kou, Nagisa runs into Makoto and Haru. The three talk about the old days on the roof. Nagise gets disappointed when Haru does not want to join a swim team. At Haru's residence, Haru cooks dinner for his friends. When Nagise mentions Rin who went to study abroad in Austrailia, Haru recalls Rin and his dreams.

Over at the abandoned elementary school, Nagise and the gang go inside to take a trip down memory lane. Nagise finds the picture of them winning the relay on that day. Rin and the gang bury their trophy into the ground as a time capsule. Out of the shadows, Rin emerges. Nagise and Makoto recognize Rin for pulling back his hat. Rin challenges Haru to a race, but the two cannot do it due to the pool being empty. Rin reveals that he no longer needs the trophy. At school, Kou's friend wonders why Kou is interested in Haru's gang. Meanwhile, Makoto and Nagise search for Rin's name if he is going to their high school. Though, Makoto finds Matsuoka Gou and realizes it's the red headed girl.

Afterwards, Makoto and Nagise asks Gou about Rin. Rin is a student of Samezuka Academy. Once Makoto, Haru, and Nagise arrive to Samezuka Academy, they wait until nightfall. Makoto tries to snap some sense into Nagise and Haru as he reminds them to search for Rin. However, Nagise and Haru jumps in the pool. When Rin arrives on scene, Haru asks Rin to show him that "sight." Rin accepts Haru's challenge.

Points of Interest

  • Haru doesn't like how Makoto calls him with the honorific, "Chan."
  • Haru wears his swimming trunks frequently. He has a habit of stripping to jump in the water.
  • Kou does not like being called "Gou."

Characters & Voice Actors

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