START is an anime episode of Btooom! that was released on 10/04/2012

Ryota Sakamoto one of Japans top BTOOOM! players wakes up to find it is no longer a game.

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Plot Summary

Ryouta is addicted to Btooom!
Ryouta is addicted to Btooom!

A red soldier times his bomb and kills the enemy who jumps into the trap. The two red soldiers run to chase an enemy, and one of them kill a civilian by accident. A red soldier on top of the building finds the enemy and throws a smoke grenade. The gray enemy runs into a dead end, and the red player bursts from the glass window. He pins the enemy and lays a bomb. Ryouta states that he cannot lose at this game as he looks at the screen with a face of addiction. The guys are awed with Ryouta's ranking, and Ryouta is placed at tenth place. Then, a new challenger appears, and Ryouta goes over how this game only uses bombs as weapons and using sonar to find the enemy. Ryouta states that he has no job and that he plays games all day. He says he got married in an online game and talks about how wonderful this game is.

Later, he wakes up in a forest only to find himself suspended from a tree. He falls down among the blue butterflies and wonders why he cannot remember anything. He sees blood on his hands and that he has no signal for his phone. He finds a gem embedded in his left hand and his bag containing his lunch. Ryouta treks through the forest, and as he starts to feel the heat, he freaks out at the wildlife's insects. He trips and stumbles upon a beach and realizes that he isn't in Japan any more. His memory of the previous day starts to return where he told his mother not to choose a job for him at the grocery store. Outside of the grocery store, two men in suits approached him, and doesn't remember anything after that. Looking around his backpack, he finds a mysterious bag, and when he opens it to find may cubes. Ryouta accidentally presses the button on one, and when it starts counting down from 10. At first, he doesn't realize what it was, but his instinct tells him to get rid of it quickly, and throws it when the time reaches 2, where it blows up close to him. When night falls, he spots a person and asks him to help.

Then, the person throws a bomb at Ryouta. Ryouta starts to realize that situation is like his game. The man is angry at Ryouta for running away. By the cliff, Ryouta hides, but he gets blasted. Ryouta throws a bomb, yet it does not explode. He then presses a button and throws it again. However, it falls into the ocean. Moments later, Ryouta pins the man and asks the man why they are here. The man laughs at the fact that Ryouta does not know how to use a bomb. The man throws the bomb but misses. Ryouta tries surrendering and gets blast by the bomb. As he lays down on the ground, he feels the gem pulsing and realizes it's like the radar in the game. Ryouta finds out his bombs have a timer while the man has a bomb called cracker. He snaps himself out and looks around him. When the man yells out, Ryouta is somewhat glad that the man hasn't found his location. When the man proposes to throw the bombs at two locations, Ryouta runs for the ocean. The man yells out that he will kill him once he resurfaces. However, the man finds out that there is a mine near him. It explodes, and the man's dead body falls into the ocean. Ryouta is stunned with what he has done and sees a bomb bag by the shore.

Points of Interest

  • There are eight types of bombs in Btooom! video game.
  • Crackers are bombs that explode upon impact.

After the Credits

Himiko is startled by Ryouta
Himiko is startled by Ryouta

Ryouta is seen asking a man about a job offer for the company Btooom!. Later, his mother comes into his room and tells him that Uncle Kazu's udon restaurant has a job for him. Ryouta states that he has a job, but when his mother states that Ryouta is unemployed for two years, Ryouta throws his controller at his mother. Though, it misses his mother, and his mother starts crying.

Next day, Ryouta wakes up to see a beautiful girl (Himiko) who is soaking wet and drinking a glistening water bottle. When Ryouta walks across the creek, the girl is frightened and starts to step back.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Dismembered parts are not shown in the anime.
  • The manga has extra fan service scenes where the reader gets a up-close shot of Himiko's breasts and panties.
  • Drugs are not shown in the anime.
  • The manga reveals two bomb bags while the anime has one bomb bag.


  • Japanese Name: None
  • Manga Chapter: 1-4 (not including the last page of Ch. 4)
  • Opening Theme: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano
  • Closing Theme: "Aozora (Blue Skies)" by May'n

Characters & Voice Actors

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