Starjun is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Starjun is the Sous Chef of the Bishokukai, an accomplished Gourmet Hunter and one of the major antagonists to Toriko and his friends.


Starjun is a Sous Chef also known as Vice Head Chef of the antagonistic organization known as the Bishokukai. Out of the 3 Vice head Chefs, Starjun appears to be the most senior in both rank and power.


Starjun in created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi as one of the main antagonists in the series Toriko.



Starjun is a very tall man, slightly taller than Toriko, with a very muscular build and very long black hair. He has a large scar of unknown origin on the left side of his otherwise unblemished good looking face. While he is shown to sometimes wear normal attire, he often wears a knight-like uniform, consisting of a long cape, boots, his Shiva Helmet and his Burner Knife, which is more akin to a sword.


Despite being one of the antagonists of the series, Starjun seems to have a degree of honor and respect towards worthy opponents, as well as the Bishokukai Boss Midora. He is not above showing mercy, however is quick to resort to violence if challenged.


Toriko: He holds great respect for Toriko, who is his main rival. Even before Toriko could stand on equal footing with Starjun, he avoided confrontation beyond their first encounter, expecting Toriko to get stronger so that they could truly have a "wild fight" as he put it.

Komatsu: Despite threatening and forcibly recruiting Komatsu, he holds his cooking skill in very high regard. Komatsu was the only Chef at Cooking Stadium that Starjun went through extreme difficulty (at the hands of Toriko) to recruit personally.

Midora: Not much is currently known about Starjun's relationship to his boss, but it is clear that he respects Midora greatly. Thus far Midora alone is the only person Starjun has acted humbly towards.

Story Arcs

Puffer Whale Arc

Using a GT Robo, Starjun heads to the Labyrinthine Cave at the same time Toriko and Coco do. He arrives shortly after they do, much the the duo's horror. He succeeded in capturing several, more than Toriko's group which demonstrated his skill even within a GT Robo as it takes tremendous skill and delicacy to knock a Puffer Whale without causing it to turn poisonous. Toriko and Coco take defensive stances, sensing Starjun's overwhelming power, but the latter simply ignores them and goes on his way.

Regal Mammoth arc

Appearing in the flesh this time, Starjun arrives at the Human World Bishokukai headquarters and orders Joejoe to prepare another GT Robo for him as he wishes to retrieve the capture level 48 Jewel Meat from the Regal Mammoth, yet another ingredient that Toriko is after at the same time. After effortlessly killing many powerful beasts along the way, Starjun (utilizing a GT Robo) makes his way to the Regal Mammoth where Toriko and company are. After launching himself through the mammoth creatures side, he encounters Toriko who was already inside the beast, looking for the special cut of meat, the jewel meat. Starjun easily dispatches Toriko, but the latter gets a second wind and returns to fight. Despite a valiant effort, Toriko is yet again defeated by Starjun, having a hole blasted into his Torso, nearly dying. But in an unfortunate turn of events for Starjun, he happened to blast Toriko through the Mammoth's internal organs and directly in front of the previously hidden Jewel Meat. Using his last amounts of strength, Toriko reaches for the meat, and consumes it, giving a major power-up to his Gourmet Cells. He returns to Starjun, who at this point was ready to kill his partner Komatsu, and with his newly imbued powers, Toriko narrowly defeat Starjun's GT Robo and claims both the remaining Jewel meat and a victory.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Mid-way through Toriko's bout with Chiyo, Starjun's GT Robo atop a huge flying beast arrives. Starjun orders Chiyo and Ootake to discontinue their activities and to come back to Bishokukai Headquarters. They do so and leap on top of the beast with Starjun's GT Robo. Starjun tells Toriko to await him and that they would meet again at "the Festival". He then scolds Ootake for telling Toriko and Komatsu that he was the Chef partner of their Boss Midora, but Ootake said that Midora considered all of the chef from the Bishokukai as his combo, despite the fact that he was actually Starjun's own combo partner. They then head off back to Headquarters. Later Starjun is seen attempting to prepare the Shokurin Temple exclusive Bubble Fruit. It was indicated though that Starjun did not succeed at this.

Cooking Festival Arc

After the Cooking Festival had started, Starjun is seen leading many of the Bishokukai members to the Festival, their intent being to kidnap as many of the great chefs as possible. Despite their large force, they are not spotted until the invasion actually begins, Starjun somehow entering the Cooking tent which held both Zaus and Komatsu unnoticed. Before he could take Komatsu, the Four Heavenly Kings attack him, but Starjun counters all of their attacks until Toriko arrived who unleashes a devastating sequence of attacks, the end result being knocking Starjun kilometers out of the arena and smashing him into a mountain. Despite the ferocity of Toriko's attacks, Starjun is only has minor injuries and begins his battle with Toriko. Some time later, Komatsu catches up to Toriko, only to find him dangling from Starjun's arm, seemingly defeated. However Toriko gets a second win due to Komatsu's presence and attacks once again, revealing his Conduct of the King technique. Despite being considerably more dangerous for Starjun to the point that the latter had to guard for the first time, it was shown that Starjun also knew the technique and was able to counter Toriko. After an immensely brutal exchange, Toriko finally seems to gain the upper hand, unleashing the strongest attacks he had ever performed, ending with burying his fists into Starjun's torso. Toriko yelled a cry of victory, but it in fact was not his victory. His final attack was not enough and he didn't even notice that Starjun had cut off his leg. It was not Starjun's time and he unleashed his own fury, incinerating Toriko's left arm off, breaking his one leg he had left, and blasting him full of holes. Toriko then fell unconscious. Starjun was about to finish him but Komatsu attacked with his Derous Dragon Knife. He missed however and Starjun attacked in return, not actually harming Komatsu. But while he was distracted, Toriko's rage at Komatsu being attacked awakened his Gourmet Cells and he manifested a huge arm and utterly destroyed Starjun's torso, punching a hole nearly as wide as Starjun's waist. Toriko fell unconscious one again but Stajun collapsed to the ground and knew his life was in danger so he discontinued the battle. However as he was still conscious and Toriko was not, he succeeded in capturing Komatsu.

During Starjun's retreat, he encountered Joa, who demanded that Starjun hand over Chef Komatsu. Starjun refused and released his intimidation aura, also awakening his third eye derived from his Gourmet Genetics. Joa said that dealing with Starjun would be possible, but since Knocking Master Jirou and National Treasure Setsuno were also present, it would be a careless move to deal with all three of them and Joa allowed Starjun to leave. Suddenly Bishokukai Boss Midora's Meteor spice was noticed and it was coming their way quickly. Starjun ordered all Bishokukai members present to retreat back to their headquarters. One they arrived, Starjun was shocked to find their headquarters up in smoke and most of their members gone. He realized that NEO had infiltrated the Bishokukai and had done this before leaving, taking with them most of the Bishokukai's ingredients. He found that Alfaro had managed to avoid NEO in the Gourmet World. But seemingly only Midora, Alfaro, Grinpatch and Starjun himself had managed to avoid battle or brainwashing from NEO.

Powers and Abilities


Burner Knife:

While it looks like akin to a saber, Starjun claims it is actually a kitchen knife of his own design. He uses it in conjunction with his fire powers and it can withstand his own flames while even Toriko's weapons cannot. It was however broken from Toriko's Leg Knife Technique.

Shiva Helmet:

Starjun's trademark helmet. It seems to have a great deal of durability but it was eventually broken by Toriko's series of attacks.



Like all powerful people in the series, Starjun has his own form of intimidation. It can be used to intimidate strong foes or even cause those sufficiently lower in power to flee or cower in fear. Starjun's takes the form of a massive, bald, one eyed monstrosity.

Gourmet Genetics:

Gourmet Cells are the basis for most supernatural powers in the Toriko world, Starjun being no exception. Not only does Starjun have them, but he was a rare case given that he was born with Gourmet Cells. They provide superhuman strength, speed, durability, recover, stamina, resistances and more. Starjun has a birthmark on his forehead which actually is a shut third eye derived from his Gourmet Genetics. It's functions are currently unknown.

Fire Manipulation:

Starjun's main ability seems to be the ability to manipulate heat and flames. He has a great deal of versatility in using them.

Netsu Shodoku:

Starjun heats up his own body and in doing so, can counteract infections and the like, even the likes of Coco's level of poison was completely destroyed nearly instantly.

Camp Fire:

Starjun ignites his whole body in flames and everything in the vicinity is burned. He can further intensify this with Chubi and even further with Tsuyobi, the latter being powerful enough to melt Toriko's fork armor nearly instantly.


Starjun's hand is engulfed in flames and it acts as a sort of shield. It is hot enough to melt away Toriko's attacks.

Kaen Senpu:

Utilizing his Burner Knife, Starjun forms a tornado of flames with himself at the center. This technique was powerful enough to destroy Toriko's massive barrage of Flying Forks and Knives.

Burner Punch:

Starjun engulfs his fist in flames and strikes the opponent. It is strong enough to blast away part of an opponent's torso, even the likes of Toriko.

Fire Spear:

A spear made of pure flames so potent that it incinerated Toriko's arm before he could finish landing his Kugi punch.

Burner Shot:

A barrage of powerful flame projectiles akin to lances, that burn right through the target.

Conduct of the King:

An immensely powerful technique that both Starjun and Toriko have learned and to a lesser extent Aimaru have learned. It utilizes the power of visualization and by sheer force of will, the user can bring about effects that they envision including but not limited to, instantly making one's self sick or giving themselves a stomach ulcer (demonstrated by Aimaru) and immediately healing one's self, merely by visualizing it. As well as for offensive purposes such as inflicting injury, even fatal wounds upon opponents. It can to some extent be avoided with Food Honor trained reactions and/or Intuition, and it can be counteracted by an opponent of comparable strength that can utilize the Conduct of the King themselves, when done at the same time.

Other Media

Starjun appears in the following Video games:

  • Toriko Gourmet Survival (for PSP)
  • Toriko Gourmet Survival II (for PSP)
  • Toriko Gourmet Monsters (For 3DS(
General Information Edit
Name: Starjun
Name: スタージュン
Romanji: Sutājun
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Toriko #3
1st anime episode: Toriko #1
1st anime movie: Gekijō-ban Toriko Bishokushin no Special Menu
Aliases Star
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