Stare Master

Stare Master is an anime episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that was released on 02/25/2011
Fluttershy offers to babysit the Cutie Mark Crusaders but quickly discovers that they are more than she can handle.
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Stare Master
Air Dates
February 25, 2011
July 22, 2013
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Majikaru Dai Dai Dai-Boken!
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Kataomoi no Karaage
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Rarity had recently agreed to a tall order of capes and is now falling behind. Being due tomorrow, her nose is to the grindstone until she can get it done. Her little sister, Sweetie Belle, accompanies her and offers to help with the orders in anyway she can. Rarity, however, prefers that she just watches and stays out of the way, before Sweetie causes a giant mess that sets her sister back. After cleaning up the mess, Fluttershy stops by to drop off Rarity's cat, Opalescence, who she had been asked to groom. Schedule or not, Rarity cannot do it herself since Opal despises her owner but adores Fluttershy who (in case you forgot) is wonderful at taking care of animals, as well as keeping them in line.

Later, Sweetie Belle's friends, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, arrive to have their planned sleepover. Together, as the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they plan to spend all night trying different things so they may find their special talents, earning them their much desired cutie marks. Sweetie Belle had even thrown together some simple capes for them to wear for the night., which turns out to be made from the remaining roll of gold silk that Rarity needed for her order. Now having to make more of the special silk, on top of the demanding order, she decides that she cannot take the time to watch the girls and cancels the sleepover.

Hating to see the fillies' plans ruined, Fluttershy offers to watch the girls for the night. Rarity is concerned with the proposition, since the crusaders are hard to keep up with, so the idea of Fluttershy watching them sounds like a tall order, but Fluttershy assures her that she can handle them, figuring that taking care of children is no different than taking care of animals. Reluctantly, Rarity accepts her offer, much to the joy of the girls. On their way to back her cottage, Fluttershy runs into Twilight Sparkle who is on her way to the Everfree Forest to get tea from Zecora. Fluttershy, as always, is concerned for her safety: despite being there many times in the past, the Everfree Forest is still a dangerous place to go into alone. Twilight assures her that she'll be alright, and the two go their separate ways for the night.

Once at the cottage, the fillies quickly prove to be more than just a handful for Fluttershy. Going into the whole thing picturing that they'll be able to have a quiet night, she can't keep up with the girls, who plan to stay up all night to find their cutie marks. The fillies experiment with different activities, failing at each of them and only stressing out their hostess. Not being able to control them, Fluttershy takes them to bed and suggest that they continue their "quest" in the morning. She offers to sing a lullaby for the girls, which Sweetie Belle accompanies with her extravagant singing voice.

Sweetie's singing ends up disturbing the chickens in Fluttershy's coop, so the fillies head outside to round them up. Fluttershy follows them outside and orders them to stop. She then herds the chickens back into the coop herself, which she manages to do by giving them "the stare": a gaze that scares unruly animals into submission, which Fluttershy only uses in special cases. After that, Fluttershy gets the fillies to go to bed, but once she leaves, the girls continue their plans. Apple Bloom notices that one of the chickens had escaped the pen so they decide to sneak out to go look for it. Long after they leave, Fluttershy notices that its far too quiet upstairs and goes in to check on the girls to find out that they had left the house. She too notices the tracks made by her missing chicken and, to her horror, sees that those tracks are accompanied by those of the girls, which lead into the Everfree Forest.

While in the forest, the girls kid around while looking for the chicken, ignoring the creepy atmosphere. Fluttershy, on the other hand, trails behind inch-by-inch. She then is relieved to see the silhouette of Twilight in the distance, but when she arrives at her side is horrified to see that she had been turned to stone. Fluttershys know exactly what was happened: Twilight had run into a cockatrice, a creature with the head of a chicken and the body of a snake, whose gaze turns its victims into stone.

Fluttershy manages to catch up with the girls, who are hot on the trail of her chicken. She warns them of the creature and demands that they leave the forest immediately. But they laugh at the idea of such a creature and go back after the chicken which they had seen run into a nearby bush. But from the bush, pops out two chicken heads, one belonging to the creature. The girls start running around, screaming in panic. Fluttershy, seeing the creature approaching them, orders that they take shelter behind her while she keeps her eyes close. Once safe, Fluttershy has a stare-down with the creature, whose gaze turning Fluttershy into stone. But Fluttershy's gaze turns to be more powerful/frightening than that of the creature, and she demands that it turns Twilight and the chicken back to normal: all while retaining the tone of an authoritative mother. The creature turns its victims back to normal and the girls applaud Fluttershy for her devastating gaze: dubbing her the "Stare Master". ( *sunglasses*) As the victims of the cockatrice return to normal, the fillies apologize for sneaking out and promise to listen to Fluttershy from now on: lest they too get "the stare".

That morning, Fluttershy chats with Twilight over tea about her lessons. From the experience she learned to never bite off more than she could chew, which Twilight takes down, with the story, in her letter to Princess Celestia. Things have also turned out well for Rarity: she had just come back from delivering the order and has come by to pick up the girls. She orders them to get their things to leave, but is ignored, much to her frustration. Fluttershy intervenes and calmly asks them get their things, which they do obediently. Rarity is shocked to see how easy Fluttershy handled the girls, to which Fluttershy replies “I guess I’m just good with kids”; winking at Twilight.

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James Wootton Director James "Wootie" Wootton is a television director know for his work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Jayson Thiessen Director Jayson Thiessen is a Canadian director, artist and toy maker.
Lauren Faust Consultant Lauren Faust is an American animator, producer, writer, and director.
Rob Renzetti Writer Rob Renzetti is an animator and director known for his work on My Life as a Teenage Robot and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
William Anderson Music William Anderson is a composer and musician known for his television work.
Daniel Ingram Music Daniel Ingram is a composer known for his work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Martha Speaks.
Sarah Wall Producer Sarah Wall is a producer known for her work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Martha Speaks.


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