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Winged aliens from the dying planet Baam decide to conquer Earth and make it their new home. Heading up the resistance is Kazuya Ryusaku in the giant robot Daimos. During an enemy attack, Kazuya saves a girl called Erika. She's lost her memory, so both are completely unaware that she's the princess of the invading aliens, and they fall in love. When the truth emerges, she returns to her people to try and stop the war, while Kazuya is considered a traitor by his own people because he supports her wish for peace. The evil Emperor Olbam compels Erika to shoot her human lover; he survives and, not knowing that she is being forced to act against her will, decides to destroy the alien base in revenge. Romeo and Juliet with giant robots, the series didn't achieve the stellar popularity of Go Nagai's robot epics like Grandizer, its one claim to fame being the debut of Patlabor's Yutaka Izubuchi as a guest robot designer on one episode. A 1980 "movie" was simply a theatrical showing of episode 24. In the U.S., the show was also edited into a 90-minute feature by New Hope Productions (see Voltus), broadcast on the Showtime cable network under the title Starbirds, with the robot renamed Dynamo and a new soundtrack deliberately redolent of Star Wars. See also Shogun Warriors.

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Name Starbirds
Romaji: Tosho Daimos
Publisher ?
Start Year 1978
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Aliases Fighter/Champion Daimos Fighting General Daimos
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