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Star Driver is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 1 anime series
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Benio Shinada

Benio Shinada who can seduce men with her kiss. She's a second year student of Southern Cross High School, captain of the Kendo club, and Leader of fifth vision of Crux Brigade, Filament; in Star Driver.

George Honda

George Honda is the 5th Division of the Glittering Crux Brigade, Filament, the pilot of the Cybody Alpheisto in Star Driver.

Ginta Ryo

Ginta Ryo is a third year in Southern Cross Academy's high school in Star Driver.


Head is the managing director of the Southern Cross High School and acting leader of the Glittering Crux Brigade

Hideki Shibuya

Hideki Shibuya works under Professor Midori in the Science Guild, studying cybodies

Jaguar Yamasugata

Jaguar Yamasugata is a second-year at Southern Cross High School, and serves as a maid for Sugata Shindo in Star Driver.

Kanako Watanabe

Kanako Watanabe is the seductive and voluptuous leader of the Fourth division of the Glittering Crux Brigade in Star Driver.

Keito Nichi

Keito Nichi is the head of Southern Cross High School Science Club and leader of the third division of Crux Brigade, Bouganveila; in Star Driver.

Kou Atari

A green-haired female character, started appearing in episode 17 alongside Madoka Kei.

Madoka Kei

Blonde-haired girl that starts appearing alongside Kou Atari in Star Driver episode 17.

Marino Yo

Marino Yo is the promoted to head of the Vanishing Ageand who took over for Head and twin sister of Mizuno in Star Driver.

Midori Okamoto

Midori Okamoto is a school health teacher and leader of Glittering Cross's Science Guild brigade in Star Driver.

Mizuno Yo

Mizuno Yo is a mysterious girl that teaches magical spells and twin sister of Marino Yo in Star Buster.

Mylene Aragon

Mylene Aragon is a friend of Kanako Watanabe in Star Driver.

Ruri Makina

Ruri Makina is a close friend Wako Agemaki and is a talented cook in Star Driver.

Ryosuke Katashiro

Ryosuke Katashiro is the chairman of Glittering Crux Brigade in Star Driver.


Sakana is a priestess who has the ability to connect with Cybodies.

Sarina Endo

Sarina Endo is a talented actress and president of Midnight Flight in Star Driver.

Simone Aragon

Simone Aragon is a member of theAdult Bank who serves Kanako with Takashi Dai in Star Driver.

Sugata Shindo

Sugata Shindo is a candidate to inherit the power of King Cybody. He's from a rich family and was in an arranged engaged to Wako Agemaki.

Takashi Dai

Takashi Dai is a Kendo club member and part of the Glittering Crux Brigade in Star Driver.

Takuto Tsunashi

Takuto Tsunashi is a bright and positive guy and can control the Cybody Tauburn. Unknown to all is the Galactic Pretty boy.

Tetsuya Goda

Tetsuya Goda is a member of the Filament Squad in Star Driver.

Tiger Sugatame

Tiger Sugatame is the personal maid for Sugata Shindo and first-year student at Southern Cross High School in Star Driver.

Vice President

Vice President is the adorable little fox creature in the anime Star Drivers.

Wako Agemaki

Wako Agemaki is a member of Midnight Flight in Star Driver.

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