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Stands are the spiritual energy that some humans of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are able to draw on.The size, strength, ability, and look of a stand has huge variations in the Jojo universe.

Facts about Stands

  1. They can be shown as characters of their own which appear behind their user(human or animal).
  2. When they punch an object, things can be destroyed.
  3. In some cases they can store their energy within objects such as swords, guns, and can take the form of mundane objects like dolls,playing cards,cars,and locks, e.t.c.
  4. There are some stands that are small and move in large numbers and there are some that can become part of someone's body.
  5. The 'ripple' from Phantom Blood and the 'Steel balls' of Steel Ball Run, these abilities can be said to be as step towards achieving the ultimate goal of attaining a 'Stand'.
  6. Our predecessors,with their wisdom,have created tools that have the ability to draw out these Stands.Whether they were able to do this through their intelligence or through sheer chance is unknown.

The rules Stands adhere to

  1. Stand's move according to their user's wishes or commands.
  2. Stands can only be affected by other stands.
  3. When a Stand is harmed the user is also harmed on the same spot.
  4. When a Stand user dies the Stand disappears as well (the stand named "Anubis" is an exeption, though, since it can live on inside anyone who grasps his sword).
  5. When a Stand is defeated the user dies (The stand named "The Hanged Man" is an exeption, but it will leave massive wounds on the standuser when defeated).
  6. A Stand's energy of power is inversely proportional to there operating range, in basic terms the closer a Stand is to it's user the stronger, faster, and more precise it is and the opposite when the Stand is farther from it's user.
  7. Due to the rule above there are things such as 'smart' and 'stupid' ways to use one's Stand.
  8. Stands can be inherited.
  9. There can be only one Stand to a user.
  10. Depending on the user, a Stand could or has the ability to evolve.

List of stands and their abilities (Sorted by the Parts)

Part 3 : Stardust Crusaders

  • Star Platinum - Has super strength and super speed but amazing precision as well. This enables Star Platinum to punch at incredible speed but at the same time hits exactly wherever it wants. In the later chapter it gains the power to stop the time for certain duration.
  • Magician's Red - Can manipulate flames.
  • Hermit Purple - Appear as in form of thorny vine that comes out its user. It can create some sort of psychic pictures but in order to do that the camera has to be smashed. In the later chapter it displayed tracking/mapping abilities by drawing map on sands.
  • Hierophant Green - Its primary ability is that it can stretch its body parts to certain extends which is used for both combat and scout. Its secondary abilities is to shoot green projectiles to attack the enemies.
  • Silver Chariot - As its name would suggest, the stand appears in form of armored knight. It uses its sword to attack which can cut just about everything. The stand moves fast for normal people to react, however when it removes its armor it can double its speed.
  • The Fool - Made from pile of sand, The Fool can change its shape into anyway the user want.
  • Tower of Gray - A stand that has a form stag beetle. It attacks the opponents by flying at super speed and uses its jaw to tear out their tongue.
  • Dark Blue Moon - A humanoid stand that can swim underwater.
  • Strength - Strength has no physical form. Its power is to bring out the stronger or powerful version of the inanimate object it posses. It was able to transform small boat into a giant ship.
  • Ebony Devil - The stand doesn't get activated until the user gets holds grudge against the opponent. More the user hates the opponent, stronger the Ebony Devil gets.
  • Yellow Temperance - A blob that had no definite form. Yellow Temperance alters its users appearance by changing shape and color. Due to its softness it is almost invisible from physical attacks.
  • The Hanged Man - Can only exist within reflection. The Hanged Man moves from one reflection from another, but can only attack its opponent's reflection.
  • The Emperor - The Emperor takes form of a revolver. It can control its bullets after they are fired upon.
  • The Empress - Parasite type that feed upon other people's flesh. Appear as small wart in the beginning, but as it grow it gains human shapes.
  • Wheel of Fortune - Can only affect the car the user is riding. It transforms whatever car its riding into deadly weapon.
  • Justice - A massive fog that can control other people by entering their wound.
  • The Lover - A stand with a size of microscopic insect that can enter people's brain. It return any type of pain the user receives by tenfold.
  • The Sun - Generates intense heat.
  • Death 13 - Appear as the Grim Reaper, Death 13 force people into its world when they fall asleep. It this dream world, Death 13 has absolute control over anything, and when people are killed in dream world, they also die outside the dream world as well. If the people somehow manages to escape from the dream world by waking up, they completely forget what happened.
  • Judgement - Can grant people's wish by using the power of earth
  • The High Priestess - The stand can use any metals and minerals around to attack its opponent.
  • Geb - A stand that is made of water.
  • Khnum - Allows user to transform his appearance.
  • Thoth - Shows future in form of comic book. However, no matter what kind of future it show the user has to follow it, if the user and other person who also saw the future go against it they will be punished.
  • Anubis - A stand that posses a sword. It can control whoever uses the sword it posses.
  • Bast - Can change whoever that touches it into a human magnet.
  • Sethan - The stand appears as a shadow but whenever somebody steps onto it, it can person age backward in a matter seconds.
  • Osiris - Take people's soul and turn them into poker chip whenever they lose a bet against the user.
  • Horus - Attacks with projectiles made of ice
  • Atum - Enables user to see the color of souls to see if the owner of soul is lying or not. When the user wins a game against other person, Atum can remove the souls and store them in dolls.
  • Tenor Sax - Creates an illusionary maze.
  • Cream - Devours everything, including itself and the user making it invisible.
  • The World - Can stop Time

Part 4 : Diamond is Unbreakable

  • Crazy Diamond - Can restore objects to their previous state and condition.
  • Aqua Necklace - Can posses liquid. It kills its opponent by entering in any form of liquid and killing from inside.
  • Bad Company - Small army that has all the military assets.
  • The Hand - The humanoid stand erase space by using its hands. By erasing space not only it can erase its existence, it shortens space between two object.
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper - It can absorb and use electricity.
  • Echoes Act 1 - Can write sound on anywhere it wants and the sound will repeat endlessly unless the stand decides to stop.
  • Echoes Act 2 - Upgraded version of Act 1, it can also write sound effect on anywhere, however when Act 2 write the sound effect, it will create corresponding action. For example, if Act 2 write burning sound effect, the object will burn
  • Echoes Act 3 - Even though it is another version, it completely different power. By punching its opponents, it can make heavier depending on the number of punches it threw.
  • The Lock - Attaches itself onto person, depending how much guilt they have The Lock gets bigger and multiplies the original guilt.
  • Surface - A human-sized mannequin, that can copy anybody.
  • Love Deluxe - It does not have its own. Its ability is to allow the user to control her hair and can grow and shape anyway the user wants.
  • Pearl Jam - It resides whatever food the user cooks and "heals" the person that eats the food.
  • Achtung Baby - It render itself and surrounding invisible.
  • Ratt - Shoots projects that upon impact, it can melt the target.
  • Harvest - Small stands with overwhelming number. Due to their size and number it makes it hard to attack them.
  • Cinderella - Changes appearance of other by replacing body parts such as lips or eyes.
  • Atom Heart Father - Has no form of its own. Lets user to bind to photographs. This enables user to move attack freely within the picture. The other way cannot be worked.
  • Heaven's Door - Can change people's body into books enabling user to read its victim's thought in same manner as reading books. At the same time, the user can write onto pages to order them to do certain action.
  • Boy II Man - It can steal other stand, however in order to do so it must play Rock Paper Scissors games and win.
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire - Allows the user to transform into whatever user wishes to.
  • Stray Cat - Not only it can shoot air at high speed it can manipulates air around it.
  • Superfly - A stand that has attached itself to an abandoned telephone tower. The user has no control over it and trapped inside the telephone tower. If the user wishes to escape however, somebody else must enter the telephone towel in replace.
  • Enigma - It seal people in paper. However to activate its power, the user must see the other's people habit that shows only when they are either nervous or afraid.
  • Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick has its own will and its ability is to attach itself to people's back. It cannot be forcefully removed, if it does it will rip the back it was attached to. Only way to remove is have somebody else see it but by doing so not only it will attach itself to the new person, it will kill the previous person that it was attached to.
  • Killer Queen - Changes whatever it touches into bomb, there is no limit on what it cannot explode.
  • Sheer Heart Attack - A bomb that is part of Killer Queen. It moves on its own by seeking out the object with highest temperature. It cannot be destroy until it is called back by the user.
  • Another One Bites to The Dust - Third ability of Killer Queen. It resides on person who knows the user's secret. It will only explode when other people starts to ask about the secret. Until it is called off, it will cause temporal loop that will repeat the events before the explosion.

Part 5 : Vento Aureo

  • Golden Experience - The stand give "life" on inanimate object, such as turning rocks into frog. However if the "life" is given to living beings such as human, the person will have increase sense such as heightened thought process or pain reception.
  • Black Sabbath - The stand can only move within the shadow to attack its opponent. It will grab the nearest target and pierce with an arrow coming from its mouth.
  • Sticky Finger - Create zippers wherever it touches. For example if it create zipper on the wall, the user can unzip it to go through the wall.
  • Moody Blues - It can repeat any past events. However while the stand repeats the past events, it cannot attack until it finish repeating the event.
  • Soft Machine - Humanoid stand that has sword, which allow the objects to deflate by stabbing them.
  • Kraftwerk - Controls kinetic vectors of whatever it touches.
  • Sex Pistols - The Sex Pistols actually refers to the six small stand, numbered from one to seven (There is no number four because it is believed to be unlucky to the user). The Sex Pistols helps user to reload the revolver, and when the bullets are fired, they will ride the bullets and change trajectory whenever it is needed.
  • Little Feat - The stand has long nail on its index finger, when it cuts target with will, the target will start to shrink.
  • Aerosmith - A stand in form of small airplane and shoots bullet to attack its opponent. It can only detects its target by CO2.
  • Man in the Mirror - It can travel between the real world and the mirror world. It can drag other being to mirror world to trap them within.
  • Purple Haze - Has bulbs containing deadly virus and will kill anything within its range. The virus itself cannot tell the difference between foes and allies, so when this stand is activated everybody dare not go near it.
  • Mr.President - The stand belongs to a turtle. On its shell, there is a hole for a special key, when it is inserted it open a room that has same size as hotel room. The room contains furnitures and refrigerator.
  • Beach Boys - Beach Boys is a fishing rod that can go through any objects as if real person was fishing on real water. When it finds its target it will starts to reel in.
  • The Grateful Dead - Has an ability to age people. The only way to prevent it is to keep your body cold.
  • Baby Face - Creates homunculus by impregnating woman. The homunculus will have its own mind and has an ability to rearranging structure by cutting them into small cubes.
  • White Album - The stand allow user to decrease the temperature within its range. It also has an ability to put an ice armor on its user.
  • Clash - A stand that has form of fish that can travel through any liquid. However depending on the size of the liquid it passed through its size changes as well.
  • Talking Head - The stand attach itself onto target's tongue, making the person giving false information to the others.
  • Notorious B.I.G - Only activated upon death of its user. It will grow by feeding upon anything until it kills its prey.
  • Spice Girl - Whatever it touches, it can soften object.
  • Metallica - Uses magnetism to control irons. It can even form deadly metal object from human body by controlling person's iron.
  • Green Day - Produce mold that can destroy any human being. The mold will only be produced when the victims are below certain altitude.
  • Oasis - Can change solid ground into mud enabling the user to swim underground.
  • Rolling Stand - The stone will show the face of those are fated to die. For the person to die painlessly the Rolling Stone will move itself to chase after the person.
  • King Crimson - The King Crimson allow user to skip time. During the time skip only the user is unaffected by it making it time flow normal only to him. The other people who are affected by this will not realize the time skip until time skip is over.
  • Silver Chariot Requiem - Switches souls of any living randomly.
  • Golden Experience Requiem - Returns anything into state of "zero".

Part 6 : Stone Ocean

  • Stone Free - Enables its user to unravel like string. By doing so the user can unravel and go through thin holes or throw a long range punch.
  • Goo Goo Dolls - Changes anybody that the user wants to "befriend" into small being. It they disobey that will be killed by the stand.
  • Manhattan Transfer - Moves freely in the air and detect enemies by movements of air. The other use for this stand is to deflect the bullets shot by its user
  • Kiss - By placing sticker with lip marks on it, the Kiss and create exact copy of original. However when the sticker is removed, the copy and the original fuses back into one, but at the same time the sudden fusion damages each other upon impact.
  • Highway to Hell - Whenever its user try to commit suicide, target feels same pain and sometimes end up dying even before the user.
  • Foo Fighter - The user of this stand is plankton, so the stand allows the plankton to have human for by controlling water.
  • Marilyn Manson - Upon winning the bet, the stand will take anything thats worth money, including human organ.
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash - The stand spits which has the ability to render its enemy into a weightless state. The stand also has ability to use centrifugal force on its arm enabling it to shoot bolts and screws like bullets.
  • Burning Down the House - Create hidden space that can only be seen by the user.
  • Weather Report - Controls weather.
  • Limp Bizkit - Has ability to bring dead back to living, but as zombie. It also turn them into invisible.
  • Survivor - Small rings that is placed on grounds. Upon stepping on it people will receive electric stimulation that increase fighting spirit causing people to fight.
  • Planet Waves - Has the ability to draw meteors falling from the sky.
  • Dragon's Dream - The stand is actually a compass that utilizes Feng Shui to point out both lucky spot and unlucky spot.
  • Yo-Yo-Ma - Follow its target pretending to obey. When the time is right it will kill its target by using its acidic saliva.
  • Diver Down - Phase through solid objects and people as if its diving into.

Part 7 : Steel Ball Run

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Japanese Name: スタンド
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