Standing Babe-ation

Standing Babe-ation is an anime episode of The Severing Crime Edge that was released on 06/05/2013
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Plot Summary

Standing Babe-ation


Romaji—Sutandingu. Beibeeshon—
MangaCh. 19-20
(Vol. 3)
Theme Music
OpeningUnmei no Ori
EndingKimi to Futari
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Iwai wakes up after remembering Kiri kissing her forehead. She notices her hair is only past her waist. Meanwhile, a little girl dresses up after preparing to pack up her knives. Kiri texts Iwai that he is coming over to cut her hair, but he is saddened by Iwai declining his invitation. Meanwhile, Kiri's grandfather asks Kiri to buy some carpentry tools. Over at the shopping mall, Iwai searches for a wig, but she realizes that Kiri would notice it by touch. Then, she notices a little girl sitting by herself. She feels that the girl is abandoned by her parents. Once Emily calls Iwai, big sis, Iwai takes Emily shopping with her. Though, Emily is unamused by Iwai. At the same time, Kiri is shopping for tools. In the bathroom, Emily asks Iwai to not use her to feel better. Then, Emily mentions Witchy's name and reveals all sorts of knives in her backpack. She explains that her father is gone and that she has hatred for Iwai. Kiri jumps in the bathroom which scares Emily to jump out of the window. Kiri is surprised that Iwai's hair and assures her that nothing is wrong with her.

Kiri runs off to find Emily. In the amusement park area, Emily introduces herself to Kiri and tells him that she is only after the Hair Queen. Kiri chases Emily only to lose sight of her. He tries to talk Emily out of it. Though, Emily asks Kiri which is better in cutting people before cutting Kiri's shoulder. Emily attacks Kiri and overwhelms him with her agility. Kiri manages to defend himself until he loses his scissors. He runs off and locks the door on Emily. Iwai finds Kiri all frightened. While the guards help Kiri, Emily shares with Iwai that her father was always sad when he mentions the Hair Queen. Along the way home, Kiri feels his wounds aching. It seems to be bleeding more. Elsewhere, Emily goes home to see Witchy in her room. She informs Witchy that she will visit Iwai on her dad's anniversary.

Points of Interest

  • Emily Redhands's Killing Goods's name is Blood-Red Dissecting Opener.
  • Emily is an Order Made who can make her own weapons.
  • Emily's family are dogs named Jack and Peter.


  • A beam of light is seen covering the little girl's chest even after it has been covered by her gown.
  • The blood on Kiri is black instead of red.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the anime, the knives are not stained with blood when Iwai sees Emily holding them in the bathroom.
  • Anime Exclusive Scene: Kiri throws a saw at Emily during their battle.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yuji Yamaguchi Director
Tatsuhiko Hikagi Original Concept He is the mangaka on Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge series.


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