Stand on the Moon Together Alive

Stand on the Moon Together Alive is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 04/13/2013

It has been two months since Hibito and the other Astronauts have landed on the moon. This is technically a recap of episodes 40-44 about Hibito's accident on the moon and Hibito's relationship with the now dead astronaut Brian Jay.

Stand on the Moon Together Alive

The base on the Moon
The base on the Moon

Hibito has recovered from his near-death accident, and Buddy tries to help him to some physical rehabilitation exercises. This particular exercise works out the butt muscles. Hibito recounts his near-death experience. It started when Mission Control lost track of the unmanned probe "Gibson", so Damien and Hibito headed out in the rover to find and repair Gibson. Because of the atmosphere it was hard to judge distance on the Moon, so Damien accidentally drove off a cliff. Hibito remembered a time when he spoke with astronaut Brian Jay about what happens after death. Hibito said that he didn't believe in heaven or hell and he guessed that dying would be like going back to before you were born.

Damien sends his flare
Damien sends his flare

After falling off a cliff and into a huge and deep valley, Houston lost contact with Hibito and Damien. Meanwhile in the valley, Hibito finds Gibson, but their problems start to mount as Damien's suit's temperature regulation system was damaged, so Damien is slowly freezing to death and is unable to move. Also Hibito takes a large fall, punctures his suit's primary air supply, thus leaving him with a limited supply of emergency oxygen. During training they had been instructed that if two astronauts get into an accident in the field and one astronaut cannot be saved, then the other astronaut must abandon him and prioritize saving himself. Hibito believed that he could save both of them.

Mission Control decides what to do
Mission Control decides what to do

As Hibito tries to save both their lives, meanwhile Mission Control decides to send Buddy and Freddy in a rover to the point where Damien launched his flare. This seemed like a safe bet, because procedures generally indicate that astronauts in an accident should stay put and wait for rescue. However, because of the circumstances Hibito took Gibson and Damien to leave the valley, following Gibson's tracks, so that Damien can warm up a bit under the sun. Mutta, over at JAXA, tries to get mission control to change their course to an opening in the valley, Mutta guessed correctly that Hibito was on the move and would likely take that route since the incline wasn't so steep. However, initially Mission Control doesn't listen to Mutta.

Unfortunately when Hibito finally made it out of the valley, he was unable to communicate with the others or Mission Control. But Mission Control, reading Hibito's suit statistics saw that Hibito was almost out of oxygen and told Buddy and Freddy to head there immediately. Hibito decided to take a walk on the moon by himself, having made sure that Damien was safe.

Hibito collapses
Hibito collapses

Something shining on the horizon caught Hibito's eye. He walked toward it and found a toy astronaut with "Brian" written on it. This was probably left by Brian Jay, in the hopes that one day his brother Eddie Jay would set his own toy astronaut on the moon, thus both brothers would be on the Moon together. Hibito is reminded of his own brother Mutta, and the promise he made with him to go to the Moon together. Hibito remembers all the times that Brian tried to act like a know-it-all mentor to Hibito, almost like an older brother who had been through it all.

Brian is here to save the day
Brian is here to save the day

After Hibito's oxygen finally ran out, Hibito suffered unbearable pain and headaches. After collapsing he sees something approaching him on the horizon, it's the unmanned rover "Brian -03". Brian-03 has an oxygen converter, so Hibito hooked his suit up to Brian and saved his life. It was Azuma Takio, who had ordered that Brian be sent out right when they had learned that Hibito and Damien were in an accident.

Points of Interest

  • Brian Jay died upon re-entry into the atmosphere. The parachute for the pod deployed incorrectly, causing the pod to crash, killing Brian and the 2 other astronauts aboard the pod. Brian's brother, Eddie Jay, we can see in this episode aboard the ISS (International Space Station).

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