Stand by Oneself

Stand by Oneself is an anime episode of Another that was released on 03/26/2012

Plot Summary

As more students die or are injured trying to escape the hotel, Chibiki arrives just in time to save Naoya and Yūya from Keiko. Meanwhile, Kōichi comes across Kazami, who has been randomly killing students in order to find the "extra one". He attacks Kōichi, but is killed by Izumi before he can inflict serious injury. Still searching for Mei, Kōichi returns to the hotel, only to find Izumi attempting to end the calamity by killing Mei. When he interferes, she becomes infuriated and tries to kill them both, only to be impaled by shattered glass caused by a lightning strike. As she passes away, Izumi remembers meeting Kōichi in Yomiyama a year and a half ago and tells him about it. When Kōichi finally catches up to Mei, he learns that the "extra one" is Ms. Mikami — Aunt Reiko — who was killed a year and a half ago. Recovering all of his memories, Kōichi reluctantly kills Reiko himself with a pickaxe, ending the calamity; the shock of his action causes Kōichi to pass out from relapse. His voice is heard, saying, "Goodbye...Mother." Sometime after these events, at a graveyard near Yomiyama, Chibiki explains to the recovered Kōichi and Mei that Keiko and her husband were Ikuo Takabayashi's grandparents, who had entered a poor emotional state after his death (which explains Keiko's insanity). After saying goodbye to Chibiki and leaving, Kōichi and Mei reflect on the memories they will likely soon forget. Kōichi later says aloud, "It's over, huh?" to which Mei makes a small smile. After the credits, Kōichi, Mei, and the other students of Class 3-3 record a new message for those who may face the calamity in the future. As Naoya and Yūya hide the message in the 3-3 classroom, the last lines of the message are heard: "That's how to stop the calamity. How you interpret this is up to you. Just make sure to carefully consider your actions. Think it through, and discuss it with your you'll have no regrets."

Characters & Voice Actors

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