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Staff Officer Zande is a anime/manga character
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A cold, heartless man that uses shocking blackmail to take advantage of the White Nectar Princess in Maid Bride. Infects the Queen with a lethal disease that only he can cure and uses this fact to force the Princess to do whatever he wishes her to do.


A cruel, heartless man who seeks to take advantage of the beautiful White Nectar Princess, Staff Officer Zande puts forth his terrible blackmail scheme into action in the sixth chapter of the Maid Bride manga that he hopes will force the princess to do whatever he commands her to do. He is in possession of a rare disease from a distant land, and he uses it to make the Queen gravely ill so that he can make his move against the unsuspecting Princess, who he has been wanting to sleep with for quite some time. Once he has her in the palm of his hands by threatening to let the Queen die if she refused to be with him, he takes out his perverted fantasies out on her virgin body, slowly breaking the proud princess to the point that she effectively becomes his sex-starved slave, desperate to sleep with him every night and engage in lewd acts together.

Early Years

Not much is known about Zande's actions prior to the events of the Maid Bride story, except for the fact that he is one of several Staff Officers for the Royal Army and oversees the forces of the Kingdom as they engage other countries in war. In his travels to other lands, he comes across a potent disease that can cause people to become gravely ill and eventually die if they do not get proper treatment soon enough. Seeing a chance to utilize this to get the Princess to be his sexual plaything, he brings it back with him to the castle and schemes to use it to infect the Queen with the powerful illness, and with no one knowing how to treat the disease other than himself (he has the cure for it, but he uses it as leverage against the Princess), he knows that she will have no choice other than to become his sex slave. If she refuses, the Queen will die from her illness and it will cast the Kingdom into the wild uncertainty of a dark future.

Story Arcs

Staff Officer Zande's Role in the Maid Bride Manga (Chapters 6 and 7)

Zande blackmails the White Princess (Maid Bride)
Zande blackmails the White Princess (Maid Bride)

We are first introduced to the wicked Staff Officer Zande on the second page of the two chapter saga, shown putting the hapless White Princess though another of his perverted sessions in which he defiles her body with devices and then with his own junk. Tied up with rope to a wooden board and stripped of her bottoms, the White Princess is continuously put through more and more sadistic fantasies that Zande has been dying to perform upon her, since his blackmail scheme has forced her to do whatever he wishes for her to do whenever he wishes it. Taking pleasure in her plight and getting carried away with his perverse fantasies, Zande toys with her body until she achieves another orgasm, before forcing her to give him oral sex. At this point, the story flashes back to the dark, cold night when Zande first approached the White Princess in her bedroom, coming to her with grave news regarding the Queen, who is deathly ill with a foreign disease and nothing that the doctors are doing is slowing the disease down. Horrified, the Princess listens as he proceeds to tell her that unless the Queen takes a certain drug everyday, she surely will die within the next several days from the terrible disease. Becoming irritated with him, the Princess begins to argue with Zande, unsure as to what he is trying to pull on her when he tells her that if the Queen is to survive this, she will need him to bring her the drug everyday. Taking pleasure in making the Princess upset, Zande congratulates her on figuring out what he was trying to tell her, how the Queen will die from the terrible disease that he infected her with unless he decides to give her the needed dose of the cure to save her. Mortified at how heartless that Zande is and enraged that he has purposely infected her beloved mother with a terrible illness that might kill her, the Princess snaps on him, drawing her sword and rushing forward at him, ready to strike him down for his disgusting actions against the crown. Smiling, Zande tells her that unless the Queen takes his drug every day, she will surely not survive, knowing that this information will stop the Princess from killing him for if he dies, her mother suffer greatly and die. Hearing these words, the Princess stops in her attempt to smite Zande where he stands, allowing her sword to drop to the floor as she glares at him with wrathful eyes.

White Princess attempts to kill Zande (Maid Bride)
White Princess attempts to kill Zande (Maid Bride)

Now with the Princess wrapped around his finger and forced to do whatever he desires in order to ensure that he won't accidentally "forget" to deliver the cure to her mother, Zande begins the first of what turns out to be many perverted sessions in which he defiles the virgin body of the Princess and acts out his lewd fantasies upon her. He makes her strip off her white dress and has her lay down on the bed as he gets to work on her large breasts, groping them and taking pleasure in pinching her nipples painfully as she tries to ignore the humiliating things that he is doing to her, knowing that she must be strong in order to ensure that her mother will survive. After he tires of fondling her breasts, he demands that she remove her underwear so that he can get down to business with her vagina, which she promptly refuses his request, horrified of what he will do to her virgin body with his rough actions. Reminding her that the Queen will die "simply from the Princess refusing to remove her underwear", Zande begins to smile as she hastily removes her underwear and opens her legs, allowing him to do what he wishes with her body. Deciding that this is the moment in which he shall "taste the Princess's nectar", he undoes his pants and begins to force himself on her and inside of her, which causes her pain due to her virginity and his rough tactics. What follows next is a lengthy round of rough sex that Zande forces upon the hapless Princess, taking great pleasure in her pain and sadness as he defiles her body and pushes her to the edge of her endurance. In this session, he forces her to perform oral sex, engages her in vaginal sex until he grows bored of it, and wraps up his session by engaging her in a painful round of anal sex. After the session is over, he takes his leave, leaving the tormented and exhausted Princess alone in her room, wishing that the events of that day were nothing more than a terrible dream. Sadly, this is her new reality, and from now on, she is forced to take part in many more of his perverse sessions, slowly having her proud spirit broken by his constant acts and she begins to experience changes in her behavior as more and more time passes by.

As the days pass by, the Queen begins to show signs of improvement in her health, while the Princess begins a steady downward slide in both her looks and behavior around others. One of her servants notices that she does not appear to be well, and asks if she is all right, to which the Princess answers yes. She now wears a chastity belt, having been ordered to wear it after it was discovered that she had become sexually active along with the changes in her behavior after the first session that Zande put her through. But now instead of fearing his sessions with her, she secretly looks forward to them, for the thought of him getting to work on her body and toying with her makes her almost wet herself with excitement. The chapter ends with her and her servant standing on a balcony, the Princess almost wetting herself with the thought of Zande having sex with her later that night.

Chapter Seven: White Nectar Princess (Afterstory)

Chapter Six (White Nectar Princess)
Chapter Six (White Nectar Princess)

In the four-page continuation and ending of the White Nectar Princess saga, the Princess is show sitting on her bed, urging the advancing Zande to enter deep inside of her and make her his. Pleased that she now sees things "his way", Zande gets to work upon her body, engaging her in a wild session of sex before they both experience massive orgasms. Worn out from his work, Zande takes a step back and tries to catch his breath, but is blown away when the Princess asks of him to continue and to "give her more" in her rectum. He engages her in a long session of anal sex until he reaches his climax within her and stops. Tired from his two long sessions, he attempts to catch his breath as he looks at her with a weary face, but when she asks of him for even more, he springs back into action by ripping off his remaining clothes and engaging her in yet another round of wild sex. The story ends with him getting back to work on her body, delivering her the pleasure and ecstasy that she so desperately desires and craves.

Other Media

Staff Officer Zande has yet to appear in any media or items outside of the Maid Bride manga as of this day.

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Name: Staff Officer Zande
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Maid Bride #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Officer Zande
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