St. Lunatic High School #2 - St. Lunatic High School Volume Two

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on

Plot Summary

6th Period

Bonjour (*) Greetings, Rabbit~Eared Man
There is a four panel comic strip that shows how Atchan passed his teaching exam. In reality, it is actually just an interview, and he got the job because he was the only human who didn't pass out in terror when seeing the demons. He just thinks "everyone's so unique!" and he was hired immediately. The actual chapter starts with Eythe giving the Board Chairman an ominous letter. The scene changes to Niko gathering butterbur in the woods behind the school. She then remembers why she has to gather butterbur and gets mad at how the secretary destroyed their shack of a house and replaced it with a tent, but since the tent is school property, it is taken out of her brother's paycheck. She then sees a person with rabbit ears drowning in the pond, so she goes to rescue them. Niko mistakes the person for a girl, but realizes that the person is a boy when he hugs her, so that she feels his rather manly and flat chest. The scene changes to the Board Chairman giving his son, Ren, some cake. However, that was a trick, and the Board Chairman ties his son up. The scene goes back to Niko yelling at the man with rabbit ears for going the wrong way. He brags about how he also gets lost in his own home sometimes, so she says that she'll help him get to St. Lunatic High School. He admires her assertiveness, and they fall into a pit. Niko tries to climb out of the pit as the man with rabbit ears introduces himself as Eden. Eden takes out a bow to send a message note when he's inspired by what he thinks is "this maiden who faces the challenge with gallant resolve" (Niko who's getting frustrated by how deep the pit actually is). Unfortunately, he shoots the arrow straight up, and it comes back down hitting him in the forehead. As it turns out, Eden may be coming down with a fever since he didn't change out of his wet clothes after nearly drowning, so Niko tries to keep him warm by getting closer to him. Eventually, they are able to get out. The scene changes to Ren in a maid outfit who is still tied up and yelling at his father. His father explains that he "sort of" gambled a "bit" too much, so someone from the Rose Company agreed to shoulder his debt as long as he offered some kind of collateral. And that he "sort of" offered up Ren as collateral without thinking. Just then, Niko barges into the room with Eden and tells the Chairman that she's tired of this guy who has no physical strength or sense of direction and that Eden wanted to see him. Eden stands up, his face darkens, and he says that he didn't think the Chairman would duck out on his payments in the human world. It turns out that Eden is from the Rose Company, but decides that the Chairman doesn't have to pay back his debt. In fact, Eden wants the school itself, and he wants to be the Chairman of it. Ren's father asks about his collateral, which is Ren in the maid outfit, and Niko laughs while Eden has no comment.

7th Period

Ba~Ba~Boom (*) Battle of Love at the Summer Festival 
The Board Chairman is dressed in a dog costume, and he is being treated as a "pet" by Eden, who is the new chairman of the school now. The Board Chairman seeks comfort from Eythe, but his former secretary simply praises Eden for being a great help to the school. Hinagiku then comes to ask Niko if she wants to go to the Summer Festival. Niko agrees, and then Hinagiku asks Ren, but he says he can't stand crowds. Eden invites himself, and Ren asks where they'll meet. At the Summer Festival, Ren and Eden are there early, and Eden asks Ren what he thinks of Niko. Eden says that he likes Niko, and he plans on telling her his feelings tonight. Niko and Hinagiku finally show up in pretty kimonos, and the group goes off to play festival games. Eden ends up buying Niko a lot of things, mostly food and a balloon. Niko then asks why Eden took over the school. He tells her that it's because he met her, and he tells Niko that he likes her. She pokes him in the eyes and leaves in a panic because it was the first time anyone had a crush on her. The scene changes to Hinagiku watching in fascination as Ren catches a lot of goldfish in the blink of an eye. He has no interest in them, so he gives them to Hinagiku, and she leaps in joy thinking of them as a gift from the boy she likes. Ren ends up losing Hinagiku, but he finds Niko who apparently also lost Eden as well. Ren and Niko end up running from the festival and play with fireworks (well, they got into a fight and aimed the fireworks at each other...don't try that at home, okay?) The fireworks almost explode near Niko, so Ren threw the fireworks up into the air and pushes her out of the way. He ends up on top of her, both kids blushing, and he quickly gets off of her. Meanwhile, Hinagiku can't carry all the goldfish Ren gives her, so she pays someone to do it, and Eden is off looking for Niko as a woman stalks him.

8th Period

Kersplash (*) Trouble on a Hike 
Niko is thinking about that moment with Ren at the Summer Festival, and she's making weird faces as she eats her breakfast. Atchan thinks she's possessed, so he sticks a talisman on her and puts on prayer beads demanding that whoever possessed Niko must get out now. Niko tells him to calm down as she runs out of the tent and bumps into Ren. She runs away blushing and bumps into Eden. He asks her out on a date (hiking in the mountains) and she accepts. Unfortunately for Eden, Niko doesn't understand the meaning of date, so she also invites Ren. They hike up the mountain as Niko gets overly excited. Eden shows off his wealth by ordering a big lunch and shares it with Niko and Ren. Niko shares her duck egg with Ren, but he doesn't want any food from Eden. He asks her why she is so excited when they're just hiking, and she explains that because she's so poor she never gets a chance to go hiking, and she wants to make the most of it. Lunch is over, and they're going back down the mountain. Niko finds a cute bunny and chases after it. She slips and falls into a river with a strong current. As she starts to drown, she is saved by Eden. However, Eden forgets that he can't swim, so he starts to drown as well, and Niko tries to save him. The two are headed towards a waterfall when Ren finds them (his wings are out). He tries to save Niko first, but she insists on saving Eden first because she's holding on to a rock now, but Eden is about to fall off the waterfall. Ren saves Eden, but Niko loses her grip and falls off the waterfall. Ren manages to catch her with one of his wings, and they rest somewhere. He offers to carry Niko down the mountain because her leg is hurt, and then he says she's flat as a board. Then, the reader is shown a newspaper from the human world. The headline is "Unidentified Life Form Sighted!" and the picture is Ren with his wings out saving Eden.

9th Period

Cheers (*) A Romantic Halloween Flight
Eythe holds the newspaper in his hands, and he is absolutely furious. The waterfall was a popular viewing spot for tourists, so of course humans would notice a boy with strange wings flying around. Eythe is also angry that the (Ex) Board Chairman's picture is in the human newspaper as well, AND the (Ex) Board Chairman did an eyewitness interview in the paper. Eden ends the meeting and catches up with Ren. They talk, and Eden tells him that Ren has to be the one that tells Niko about their decision. Niko dresses up as a witch, Ren dresses up as a vampire, and the two attend a Halloween party. The party is attended by both Day Class and Night Class students, which is especially ideal in a Halloween Costume Party. Ren tries to leave, Hinagiku appears in a cute fox/priestess costume, and Ren gets attacked by fan girls from the Day Class. Niko runs into the demon student with the pumpkin head who usually taunts her, but he acts kind towards her and tells her that he won't forget her, so she shouldn't either. Niko questions this as she talks with her brother. He says there was a meeting, but he was asleep. The (Ex) Board Chairman is having a drink with quite a few ladies and makes Niko drink some. Ren manages to get away from the fan girls and finds Niko presumably drunk and acting out. He doesn't realize she's drunk and thinks she's just having a lot of fun until she passes out and sees that his dad was the one who got her drunk. He beats up his dad and picks Niko up. They're on the roof now, and he gives her some water. She wants to go back to the party, but Ren picks her up again and says that they should fly as he unfolds his wings. She says someone might see, but her warning dies in her throat as she sees the City lights below and the stars above. It's like magic above and below, and she becomes captivated by it. They go back to the roof of the school, and Eden appears. Ren hadn't told her yet, so he has to tell her now. They're all going back to the Demon World.

10th Period

 Farewell (*) St. Lunatic High School Two~Track School System 
Niko tells Ren and Eden that it's not a funny joke. Eden tells Ren that he and Ren are the only two demons left and that they should be leaving now. Niko says that if they're leaving because of the newspaper article, then it's nothing because nobody believes in it, and they think it's probably photo-shopped or something. Eden says that they can't take that chance; their existence is exposed, and they must take the appropriate measures. Niko tells them to stop kidding around as they walk down the halls. They go through a secret passage behind a huge portrait and find a teleportation device. That's how they got to the human world, so Niko asks if she can go to the Demon World with them. Eden says that she would need a passport. He puts his passport in, tells Niko that he always did like her, and disappears. Ren is about to leave as well, and she yells at him to stop kidding around. She cries, he calls her an idiot, she gets upset, and he smiles as he leaves. The story skips six months later, Niko cut her hair, she attends the Day Class with Hinagiku, and Atchan is the new Chairman of the school. Obviously, there is no longer a night class, and Niko notes how quiet the school is now. Niko walks around the school at night and sees a light in the room where the night class used to be held. She runs to it wondering if they came back, but it was just the school janitor. She is saddened, but the janitor turns out to be Ren. As it turns out, the teleportation device broke when he used it, but he was too embarrassed to come back for Niko after saying good-bye the way he did. It will be fixed soon however, and he'll go back tomorrow. Niko says that's great, but her expression betrays her. Ren then throws his passport out of the window and asks Niko if she still wants to be with him. Just then, Ren receives an e-mail on his phone from his dad. All the demons are coming back to the human world. And they're going to start up the night classes again.

After School

Splat (*) Watermelon~Smashing Tournament Fun
Ren's father wants to do a watermelon-smashing game, but Ren and Niko are uninterested. However, the winner of the game gets a year's supply of watermelon. Niko, who is poor and usually skips meals, gets very excited by that. Ren's father then says that it wouldn't be any fun just to smash a watermelon, so he added a dummy into the mix (which happens to be Atchan who is wearing a watermelon helmet and is tied up). Niko panics, and Ren decides to add another dummy. And the watermelon-smashing game starts with Atchan and Ren's father tied up and wearing watermelon helmets with a watermelon in between them. Ren is excited by the idea of getting to hit his father with a bat. Niko goes up first, saying Atchan's name. He answers, and she follows the direction of his voice and swings the bat in the opposite direction, almost hitting Ren's father. Ren goes next and almost hits his father. Ren gets disappointed that he missed, and his father gets upset. Ren tries again and manages to hit his father, but missed the watermelon he was supposed to hit. Eythe comes by to see what all the noise is, trips, and falls on the watermelon, smashing it. Ren's father declares that Eythe is the winner of the game. Eythe receives a watermelon the size of a small house, but he doesn't want the giant fruit, so it is shared by Ren's father, Ren, Niko, and Atchan. Niko keeps the shell of the huge fruit and moves into it with her brother. They discard the fairy tale-esque cottage a few days later when the fruit rots and stinks of beetles.
*This is an end of manga bonus story.
  • (*) This symbol denotes a star in the title that I cannot type up
  • This is the last volume of the series.


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