St. Lunatic High School #1 - St. Lunatic High School Volume One

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on

Plot Summary

1st Period

Flower Blizzard (*) St. Lunatic High School Two ~ Track School System
The volume starts off with Niko Kanzaki congratulating her brother, Atchan, for passing his teaching exam. Just then, the landlord demands that they better pay all six months' worth of rent, so Niko and Atchan get ready to leave to the school Atchan will be teaching at. The scene shifts to Niko in her night class where the kids are all...well, demons... As it turns out, St. Lunatic High School's day classes are attended by humans while the night classes are attended by demons. Niko is unsure how to cope with this, as the demon students always pick on her, and the most human-looking of them, Ren, treats her coldly. She complains about it to her brother, but he actually likes teaching the night class because they're all "so unique!" Niko tells him that they should leave this place, but he says that he finally found a job he could hold down, and for a week, now, so he really doesn't want to leave. Niko concedes to this, and decides to befriend her fellow classmates for Atchan's sake. Unfortunately, her demon classmates only torment her further. Niko laments about how impossible it is to get along with demons, and Ren, who overhears her, advises that maybe she should just give up. Niko yells at him that she's trying her best, but everything just backfires! Her venting goes over his head as he picks up a plastic flower and asks her what it is. She says that she has to make plastic flowers in her part-time job, so he scoffs and asks why she can't sell real flowers and produces an actual rose. Later, a couple of demon classmates of Niko's got a hold of her plastic flowers. She gets outraged and tackles them to get her products back, but ends up falling out of a window. Ren sprouts wings and manages to save her, but gets injured. Niko bandages him up, and they watch flower petals fall out of the sky. Niko thinks it's more of Ren's magic, but he tells her that it's probably her plastic flowers coming apart. Niko then gets fired by her employer.

2nd Period

Gururu Gukyuru (*) Reel in the Really Big Fish!
After Niko gets fired by her employer, it turns out that Niko and Atchan are so poor they have to skip meals to get by. Atchan isn't going to be paid for another three weeks, so they were going to get by on Niko's earnings until then, but then she got fired. Her growling stomach presents a problem because the other students get distracted by it, so she leaves the classroom. She talks with Ren, who asks why she's skipping class, at the fountain where she decides to rest. He eats his lunch in front of her after she tells him why she has to skip meals, and she gets very upset. He offers her some of his lunch, but she cannot eat the strange dismembered creatures that demons eat, so she declines. Ren is unaware of this, so he continues to offer some of his lunch to her. She becomes so disgusted that she accidentally knocks his lunch away into the fountain. Ren goes silent, and Niko apologizes. One of the demons in the class yells at Niko that the teacher, her brother, has collapsed from hunger. The scene shifts to Niko apologizing to Atchan for making him work when he's starving in the Nurse's office. The nurse, Aroma, then mocks the two for being weak humans that need to eat so much when demons can go for ten years without food. Niko and her get into an argument, but it ends when the nurse tells her humans and demons are simply incompatible. Atchan weakly says that he wants fish, so Niko promises him that she'll catch a big fish just for him. Niko appears at a pond behind the school and catches a glimpse of a huge fish's tail fin. She tries fishing, but she ends up catching a lot of garbage...and one of her classmates who was going for a swim... Ren appears to help her, so she thanks him for the help and apologizes for ruining his lunch. Niko ends up catching a huge fish's tail fin, but it turns out to be a mermaid instead! The mermaid hits her, but then realizes that it's just Niko (the mermaid is the nurse, Aroma) She then shoves Niko out of the way and then affectionately attacks Ren. She pauses, and then attacks Niko out of jealousy for being alone with Ren. She attacks her repeatedly, but Ren stops her. Ren decides that fishing is not an easy solution, so he throws all the water out of the pond. They little fish... Niko brings the fish to Atchan anyway, but Atchan appears fine. He says the Board Chairman came to visit him in the infirmary and gave him lots of fruit and a special bonus to get better.

3rd Period

Boinnnng (*) A Man in a Kangaroo Costume Appears 
The chapter starts with a person who's wearing glasses angrily throwing books. He then grits his teeth at the empty chair as he says, "Again! He got away again!" Meanwhile, Niko gets upset after Ren practically inhaled her lunch. She hits a tree out of frustration and something falls out. She screams, but the something that fell out muffles her. It turns out that he's a man in a kangaroo costume, and he wants her to be his hostage. Later, the person with glasses asks Ren for assistance in recapturing him, whoever he is. Ren refuses immediately. The person threatens him with blackmail, and Ren continues to refuse him, but with difficulty. A cat with bat wings goes over to the person with glasses, calling him Eythe-sama and giving him what it found. It's a list of demands, and Eythe rips it up out of anger. However, Ren recognizes the handwriting and agrees to help Eythe. The man in the kangaroo costume laughs at Niko's personal demands, so she fumes about how Ren eats her lunch because he might be getting addicted to human food, how her brother and she was promised a house with a bathroom and garden from the board chairman, but the house is a run-down shack, the garden is the schoolyard, and the bathroom is the school bathroom, and how she hates the board chairman. Eythe then announces that he will accept their demands, but only if they can escape the school. And it turns out that they have to escape Ren-kun as well, and Ren is so angry that his actions border murder. Niko and the man in the kangaroo costume manage to escape to the roof, and the man is bleeding profusely from his forehead because of Ren's earlier attacks. Niko takes care of the wound, and Ren reappears. Ren yells at the man for involving a human in this chase, and tells Niko to come with him. However, the man grabs Niko and jumps off the roof with her. Ren yells at him, and it is revealed that the his father... Ren's father and Niko land in a net carried by Eythe's minions. Eythe smiles as he threatens Ren's father, who is also the Board Chairman, to not skip work anymore.

4th Period

Ka~ching (*) Fashion Designer Louis Puitton 
Niko finds money when walking around the campus. Like...a stack of bills, one after the other. She picks them up and follows them until she finds an unconscious girl at the end of the trail. The girl wakes up and introduces herself as Hinagiku Goshirakawa. Niko then realizes that she must be one of the daytime students, and she can't let her know that the night class is filled with demons or the school will possibly shut down and her brother will lose his job. She attempts to make Hinagiku leave, but the other girl refuses to leave until she sees a very handsome boy again. She thinks he's a night class student as well. Niko tells her to leave, but changes her mind when Hinagiku gives her a stack of money. Niko tries to cover up any demons they run into, but Hinagiku decides to attend the night class in order to see that boy again. When she opens the door, she sees the demons and screams in terror. She runs away crying and bumps into Ren as Niko catches up to her. Hinagiku then erases her terror as she cuddles up to Ren saying how she scoured the land to find him. Niko finds this unbelievable, but remembers that Ren does look human, so it's not that strange. Ren ignores her and goes to class, but Hinagiku warns him that there are monsters. Ren turns to her and asks what they looked like while he unfolds his wings revealing himself to be a "monster" as well. Hinagiku falls unconscious out of fear, and Niko yells at Ren for going too far. Meanwhile, the board chairman visits Aroma in her office and asks her for Eythe's medicine. Aroma tells him that if he's the board chairman, then he shouldn't really let his secretary boss him around. Hinagiku regains consciousness in Niko's house and comments on how small it is. She then tears up over how the boy she likes is a monster, so Niko comforts her by saying that Ren is actually a very nice person. Just then, Eythe blows up Niko's house and demands that they give up Hinagiku. Niko mistakes this action for an attempt to kill Hinagiku as Ren had to save both girls, but Eythe clarifies that the darts are filled with a drug that will just make Hinagiku forget anything relating to demons, and that she won't be harmed. However, Hinagiku wants to remember Ren and promises to keep their secret. Eythe scoffs at her promise, but agrees to let her remember when she bribes him with a huge stack of money. Hinagiku then declares mentally that Niko is her friend, but also her rival for love.

5th Period

Mogera (*) The Life Cycle of Demon World Mushrooms
Niko finds a lot of mushrooms and decides to have a little snack. The scene shifts to Ren who sees smoke in the forest. He thinks it's a smoke signal, so he flies over to see who made it. He finds mushrooms that are cooking and almost gets hit by a small scythe. Niko swings in and takes the small scythe out of the tree it landed in and proceeds to swing the sharp object at Ren while shouting "Mogera! Mogeeeh! RAAWR!" She manages to pin him down...and breaks into tears as she asks why he ran away. Ren is obviously confused as she changes emotion a few more times until she starts to cry again. He attempts to console her by reaching around to touch her back, but feels something...squishy? Meanwhile, Nurse Aroma is yelling at the Board Chairman for bringing candy, video games, manga, and even women into her infirmary. She wishes Ren was here as she yells at the Board Chairman to do his job. Ren barges in asking for an examination. It would appear Nurse Aroma would love to examine Ren, but he meant Niko who has a mushroom growing out of her back. Nurse Aroma panics at the sight of the demon world mushroom, but shakily explains that eating one makes you go into a frenzy, hallucinate, maybe even deranged. Then a mushroom sprouts from your body and absorbs your life energy. The Board Chairman then explains that Aroma once carelessly ate a demon world mushroom and had one growing from a very uncomfortable place on her body. Aroma then continues saying that after the mushroom absorbs enough life force, it will fall off eventually and kicks Niko out of her infirmary. Ren walks with Niko, and he notices that she's getting smaller somehow. The Board Chairman then comes to explain that demon world mushrooms don't hurt demons because they have so much life force that the mushroom doesn't absorb all of it, but demon world mushrooms can kill humans because it will take all of the human's life force. Niko starts shrinking more quickly, so the Board Chairman tells them that Nurse Aroma left and won't come back until the mushroom problem is over and that he brought a medical book with him. Eventually, he tells them that they have to give the victim more life force by mouth-to-mouth. Like a kiss. The Board Chairman offers, but Ren pushes him away and says he'll do it. Niko expected a kiss from Ren, but he kisses the mushroom and gives it the life force it needs to pop off Niko's body. Niko is embarrassed, but Ren and the Chairman don't understand why. Niko is the size of a chibi right now, so she has to eat the mushroom that absorbed her life force to go back to her normal size. At the same time, Atchan appears to have found some mushrooms in the forest.

  • (*) The asterisk in the parentheses represents a star character that is in the title that I cannot type up.
  • This is the first of the two volume series.


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