Squisn't That Hypnosis?! / Shall We Join Tentacles?! / I Ink We're Alone Now?!

Squisn't That Hypnosis?! / Shall We Join Tentacles?! / I Ink We're Alone Now?! is an anime episode of Squid Girl 2 that was released on 12/05/2012

Plot Summary

Squisn't That Hypnosis?!

Sanae plans to try hypnosis on Nagisa and Eiko
Sanae plans to try hypnosis on Nagisa and Eiko

Sanae tries to learn hypnosis so that she can use it to hypnotize Squid Girl into falling in love with her. First she tries using it on Eiko, Nagisa and Chizuru. She tells them each to behave like a different animal, and them, not wanting to hurt Sanae's feelings, play along with her. Sanae then tries hypnotizing Squid Girl, but fails. Squid Girl then tries to hypnotize everyone herself. She uses a lucky coin that she found behind the Lemon and somehow succeeds in making Nagisa act like a monkey and Eiko to act like a crow.

However, Sanae tackle-hugs Squid Girl, causing Squid Girl's coin to break. Just before Squid Girl is about to hypnotize Chizuru and invade the Lemon once and for all... the Three Stooges (Harris, Clark and Martin) show up and explain that the coin that Squid Girl picked up was supposed to be a coin that only hypnotizes aliens, but it looks like it's a failure since it also works on humans. Chizuru regains control and threatens to use hypnosis on Squid Girl to get back to work. Squid Girl no longer has any interest in using hypnosis.

Shall We Join Tentacles?!

Ayumi's father challenges Squid Girl
Ayumi's father challenges Squid Girl

Ayumi's father teams up with the three stooges to build a new robotic squid girl, with retractable and usable tentacles. Ayumi's father then challenges Squid Girl to a duel with his robotic squid girl to see who is better. Squid Girl accepts for the sake of her own pride. However the robot is surprisingly powerful and good at trash talking Squid Girl. Squid Girl is also surprisingly susceptible to trash talk.

Just when Squid Girl is about to lose, the robot is held back by various technical limitations (how they were not foreseen by the Three Stooges is questionable), allowing Squid Girl to win the duel and keep her pride.

I Ink We're Alone Now?!

Squid Girl pretends to treat Takeru and his friend to shaved ice
Squid Girl pretends to treat Takeru and his friend to shaved ice

Squid Girl realizes that she needs to start being less kind and considerate if she wants to be a successful invader. She starts out by putting a piece of garbage in the recycling, pouring mayonaise on a customer's dish and giving more change than necessary to Goro. Chizuru seems to notice, but for some reason does not do anything to Squid Girl and instead sends her to buy salt and pepper from the grocery store.

Squid Girl buys shrimp chips instead, saying this is what an evil invader would do. Surprisingly when Chizuru hears about this she doesn't get mad. Squid Girl is worried, but remains adamant about being an evil invader. She proceeds to prank Takeru and his friend by teasing them with shaved ice and throwing it behind her at the last second. Unfortunately Squid Girl tosses the shaved ice right onto Chizuru. Chizuru surprisingly thanks Squid Girl for cooling her off.

Chizuru opens her eyes for once
Chizuru opens her eyes for once

The next day Chizuru and Squid Girl go grocery shopping alone. Squid Girl thinks that Chizuru is trying to trap her. After shopping the go out for lunch. As Squid Girl reflects on her supposed impending doom, Chizuru asks her "Are you scared of me?" Chizuru explains that she is jealous of all the time that Squid Girl spends alone with Takeru and Eiko, and how she never gets a chance to be with Squid Girl alone. At which point Chizuru and Squid Girl get to know each other more, and Squid Girl realizes Chizuru isn't so scary after all.

Squid Girl is shocked
Squid Girl is shocked

When they arrive back home, Eiko and Takeru wonder where they have been. Squid Girl explains that it turns out Chizuru is a regular human after all. Chizuru doesn't take this as a joke and then drags Squid Girl to the back room to talk a little more. Maybe Chizuru is still scary after all.

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Yasutaka Yamamoto Director Animator and Storyboard Artist
Tsutomu Mizushima Director
Michiko Yokote Series Composition
Masahiro Anbe Original Concept A Japanese manga author and illustrator best known for his work Shinryaku! Ika Musume.
Masakazu Ishikawa Character Artist/Designer Animator
Mariko Kunisawa Writer Script Writer
Tomoki Kikuya Music He is a music composer and arranger. He has worked on series such as Hidamari Sketch, Pani Poni Dash, Tona-Gura! ,and Potemayo.
Susumu Mitsunaka Storyboard Animator and Writer


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