Squid Meets Grill?! / Wanna Learn Self-Squidefense?! / Aren't You Freezing Your Tentacles Off?!

Squid Meets Grill?! / Wanna Learn Self-Squidefense?! / Aren't You Freezing Your Tentacles Off?! is an anime episode of Squid Girl 2 that was released on 11/28/2012

Plot Summary

Squid Meets Grill?!

So much beef!
So much beef!

The Aizawa's have Korean B.B.Q. at home. Chizuru and Squid Girl are both enthusiastic about eating so much beef. Unfortunately they eat so quickly that they leave little for Eiko to eat. Eiko tries to get Squid Girl to stop using her tentacles, saying it is bad table manners. Then Eiko tries telling them that it's boring just to eat beef, and suggests chicken. To Eiko's surprise, neither Squid Girl or Chizuru fall for the trap, both Squid Girl and Chizuru correctly say that Korean B.B.Q. is all about the beef.

Eiko, desperate to eat some beef for herself, tries to guilt-talk Chizuru into thinking that she's going to gain weight from eating so much beef. As a result Chizuru slows down her eating. Now Eiko tries to lecture Squid Girl on appreciating the beef more, saying that if she piles up the beef on her plate, the meat on the bottom will get cold by the time you get to it. Squid Girl responds by saying that Eiko should mark the meat that she wants. Squid Girl tries to demonstrate, but accidentally sneezes squid ink all over the beef. Both Chizuru and Eiko try a piece of the ink-covered beef, and it's delicious. But Eiko still feels like she lost.

Takeru is thankful that there's still some beef left
Takeru is thankful that there's still some beef left

After Eiko and Squid Girl are full. Chizuru teases both of them that she saved the best beef cuts for last. Just when Chizuru says she is going to finish it herself, Takeru, who has been silent throughout the dinner says cheerfully, "Oh there's still more? Thank goodness, I thought I wouldn't get any!" It is then that Eiko, Squid Girl and Chizuru realize they had forgotten about Takeru, so Chizuru lets Takeru have all the last beef cuts.

Wanna Learn Self-Squidefense?!

Chizuru teaching Ayumi self-defense
Chizuru teaching Ayumi self-defense

Ayumi is being hit on by a bunch of guys at the Lemon. Eiko comes to the rescue. Ayumi asks Eiko to teach her self-defense. Eiko isn't really sure where to start, so she asks Chizuru to teach Ayumi. After doing some thinking Chizuru says she needs someone to pretend to attack her as an example. They get Goro to attack Chizuru, and Chizuru quickly knocks him to the ground. Chizuru trains Ayumi for the rest of the day, with Goro acting as her human punching bag. Goro says he'll do anything if it's for the protection of a young girl (in this case Ayumi).

The next day Ayumi's father comes to the Lemon to check in on Ayumi. When he puts his hand on Ayumi's shoulder, Ayumi reacts reflexively and flips her father onto the table. Her father is impressed. Also, Goro is recovering in the hospital as Chizuru nurses him back to health.

Aren't You Freezing Your Tentacles Off?!

Harris explains the snow-making machine
Harris explains the snow-making machine

It is an extremely hot day at the beach, so hot that there are almost no customers or people playing on the beach. The 3 stooges Harris, Clark and Martin come to the rescue and install an A/C device at the Lemon. Unfortunately Eiko and Chizuru quickly realize that this isn't going to do much unless other beach-goers know that they have A/C.

Just then Kiyomi, Tomomi, Yuka and Ayano walk by and see that the Lemon is covered in snow. When Kiyomi and the girls check it out, Eiko greets them, and gives them some winter jackets for them to wear inside the Lemon. In addition to installing the A/C unit, Harris also installed a flying artificial-snow making machine, which allows one to experience winter at any time of the year! Takeru seems to be having fun in the snow. Takeru challenges Squid Girl to make a huge snowman. Squid Girl does so. Chizuru has the idea of having Squid Girl make a snow hut. Squid Girl does so.

Chizuru, Eiko and Cyndi make their way through the blizzard
Chizuru, Eiko and Cyndi make their way through the blizzard

Cyndi comes along and is baffled by the crazy weather. Then she sees Squid Girl, the Aizawas, Kiyomi and her friends all sitting in a snow hut enjoying hot-pot. Unfortunately the snow-making machine has gone out of control and created a blizzard. When they get back to the Lemon, everyone just wants the blizzard to go away. The three stooges set the A/C to heat. Everyone seems to be feeling better.

"Screw winter! Summer is the best!" -Everyone
"Screw winter! Summer is the best!" -Everyone

Then Sanae drops by and wonders why they are all dressed up in winter coats. It seems that the blizzard is no longer going on outside. When they figure that out, they all rip off their winter coats, burst out of the Lemon and rush toward the sea saying "screw Winter! Summer's the best!" The next day they watch the news and it's snowing in Okinawa! Supposedly the snow-making machine floated there.

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Masahiro Anbe Original Concept A Japanese manga author and illustrator best known for his work Shinryaku! Ika Musume.
Masakazu Ishikawa Character Artist/Designer Animator
Michiko Yokote Series Composition
Tsutomu Mizushima Director
Yasutaka Yamamoto Director Animator and Storyboard Artist
Hiroyuki Hata Storyboard Episode Director of various series including Bokura ga Ita and Gintama.
Tomoki Kikuya Music He is a music composer and arranger. He has worked on series such as Hidamari Sketch, Pani Poni Dash, Tona-Gura! ,and Potemayo.


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