Squid Girl

Squid Girl is a anime/manga character in the Squid Girl franchise
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A squid girl who claims to be "A Messenger of the Sea" and wishes to invade the land after getting tired of humans polluting the ocean.


Tiring of the pollution wrought upon the ocean by those who lived on the surface, Squid Girl emerged from her home in the sea and sought vengeance upon the surface dwellers and swore to conquer them. She was however, totally and utterly inadequate for the task, knowing virtually nothing about humanity or how she would go about conquering them. She soon found herself forced to work as a waitress at a beach-side cafe after she knocked a large hole in its wall. Any details of her life before emerging from the sea are unknown.


Squid Girl, also known as Ika Musume, is the main character of the manga series of the same name, by Masahiro Anbe. The manga began in 2010 and received an animated adaptation a year later.

Character Evolution


She appears to be a relatively normal human girl, albeit with blue hair that forms into tendrils. Her usual outfit is a plain white dress, a white hat shaped like the top of a squid's head along with ankle and wristbands. While her age is unknown, middle-school children tend to see her as a peer.


A true oddball, the Squid Girl emerged from the sea with little to no understanding of human society, but the ability to speak Japanese fluently. As a result she is often hopelessly naive, childlike and shows little understanding of basic activities or conventions. She is completely oblivious to how strange she is to others, and she regards herself as a normal squid.

Despite her stated goal of conquering the world, there is little that is particularly malicious in her nature, and she never attempts to truly harm anyone, preferring to just pick people up with her tentacles and shake them when she attempts to hurt them. Squid Girl is often quite cowardly, and tends to flee when she thinks she is in trouble.



Eiko is the middle sibling of the family that runs the cafe where Squid is forced to work. Strong-willed and not one to suffer fools gladly, she is Squid Girl's most frequent foil and tends to rein in the young invaders' misbehaviour. Despite this, it is apparent that Eiko cares about her, even if the two don't always get along.


The eldest sibling of beach cafe family, Chizuru often takes Squid girl under her wing and tries to guide and help her in troubling times. Alike Eiko she also keeps the invader in line, however, she usually only tends to do so in more dire circumstances and the Squid Girl is terrified of her.


The youngest of the beach cafe siblings. Takeru quickly accepted the Squid Girl as a friend and later as surrogate family. He openly enjoys her company and treats her well, and she in turn tends to care for his well-being.

Powers and Abilities

While the Squid Girl appears human she has abilities that might suggest that she is not. The most prominent of these are the tentacles which grow from her head. These appendages are under her complete control, and are both swift and strong. She can use them for a variety of tasks, which often helps when she waits tables and can assist in swimming. If severed, they grow back quickly and retain their full functions.

Squid girl is a very strong swimmer and can appear to stay underwater indefinitely if she so wishes. She has the ability to project ink from her mouth, which makes an unusually good topping for foods served at the cafe.

The armbands on her wrists can be used to freely control her own weight by changing their positioning on her arms.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Hisako Kanemoto
Christine Marie Cabanos
General Information Edit
Name: Squid Girl
Name: イカ娘
Romanji: Ika Musume
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Shinryaku! Ika Musume #1
1st anime episode: Squid Girl #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Ika Musume
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