Squid Girl Characters

Squid Girl is an anime series in the Squid Girl franchise
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Ayumi Tokita

A shy girl who works at the rival beach house with her dad.

Chizuru Aizawa

Eiko and Takeru's older sister who cooks at the beach house. Despite her calm look and demeanor she can become fierce when angry.


A Inventor who works with Cyndi Campbell.

Cyndi Campbell

A girl who works for the U.S. Extraterrestrial Life-Form Response Research Center, who thinks Ika-Musume is a Alien.

Eiko Aizawa

Chizuru's younger sister who works at the beachhouse with her. After Ika fails to invade the surface, she forces Ika to work for her to pay off a part of the wall she destroyed.

Goro Arashiyama

A lifeguard who is good friends with the Aizawa Siblings. He has a crush on Chizuru Aizawa.


A Experimenter who works with Cyndi Campbell.

Kiyomi Sakura

A friend of Ika-Musume.

Kozue Tanabe

A gentle girl with a peaceful aura, who sometimes talks with Ika.


A researcher who works with Cyndi Campbell.

Nagisa Saito

A new employee at the beach house and the only human afraid of Ika Musume.

Sanae Nagatsuki

A good friend of Eiko and Chizuru who becomes infatuated with Ika-Musume. She particularly enjoys dressing Ika-Musume in various outfits and photographing her.

Squid Girl

A squid girl who claims to be "A Messenger of the Sea" and wishes to invade the land after getting tired of humans polluting the ocean.

Takeru Aizawa

Eiko and Chizuru's little brother, who gets a thrill out of Ika-Musume and her antics.

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