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The Eighth Division, also known as Squad 8 in the English Dub, is one of the Gotei 13, headed by Captain Shunsui Kyōraku.

Notable Members


Shunsui Kyoraku is the current Captain of the 8th Division.


Na nao Ise
Na nao Ise

Nanao Ise is the current Lieutenant for the 8th Division.

3rd Seat (三席, Sanseki)  
Tatsufusa Enjoji is the 3rd seat of the 8th Division, during the break-in of the Soul Society he fought and lost swiftly to Yasutora Sado, who sent him flying away in the air with a single punch.


Former Lieutenant  
Lisa Yadomaru was the Lieutenant for the 8th Division prior to her becoming a Vizard, 100 years prior to the main story line. She resembles current lieutenant, Nanao Ise.  

Lisa Yadomaru
Lisa Yadomaru



The Insignia for the 8th Division of the Gotei 13 is the Bird of paradise flower. The meaning behind this symbol is Everything is Obtained.

Special Duties

According to Shuhei Hisagi during an omake chapter, the 8th Division always turns in their reports on time, demonstrating the 8th Division's reliability. This reliability is probably due to Nanao Ise.

Recruitment Fair


In the Bleach Bootleg, a section was included with questions and answers from the captains and vice-captains of each squad as part of the Gotei 13 Recruitment Fair. The following was the 8th Division entry for the Recruitment Fair.

Shunsui Kyōraku

1. What kind of individuals are you seeking?

As long as they're girls, I'll happily welcome all of them. ♥

2. How would you describe the atmosphere around your division?

It's a fun place. ♥

3. What do you require of new recruits?

Only girls are allowed. ♥

4. Some words for the shinigami recruits.

Boys can go join some other division, but girls should come join the 8th division. ♥ Once a week we have a drinking party, too.

Nanao Ise

1. What kind of individuals are you seeking?

People who do their work to the letter.

2. How would you describe the atmosphere around your division?

An orderly and serious division.

3. What do you require of new recruits?

You are not allowed to drink alcohol, and of course both men and women may inquire.

4. Some words for the shinigami recruits.

I'll be waiting to hear from you. By the way, we do not have drinking parties.

Frank talk!! with the 10th Division's lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto

Frank Talk...
Frank Talk...

Nanao is reeeally strict. Anyone else who's strict shouldn't join. The 8th division has a captain full of mature charm, and a sexy lieutenant, so it's really exciting~! Everyone, come and play sometime.    

General Information Edit
Concept Name Squad 8
Japanese Name: 八番隊
Romaji Name: hachibantai
Aliases 8th divison.
eight divison.
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1st anime episode:
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