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In 1996, Mars has been colonized by humans, with Russia and the U.S. both having established settlements on the planet. A group of Russian students, including Anna, David, Simone, and Arthur, is welcomed to an American base as part of a student exchange program. Eiji Asuka, child of a human father and a mother from planet Glados, is caught up in the beginnings of hostilities between the Americans and Russians and manages to save most of the students, but when Glados attacks Earth, he comes under suspicion purely because of his mixed blood. He and his giant robot, the "Blue Meteor" SPT (Super Powered Tracer) Layzner, are fated to play a key role in the conflict between planets. He is imprisoned by the Americans, considered a traitor by Glados, and has to fight his own sister Julia in a war that results in the occupation of Earth under Glados leader Le Kain. The second part of the TV series begins on Earth in 1999, when three years of oppression have all but crushed human culture; the books, art, and learning of humankind are destroyed wherever they are found. Eiji and his young friends are living a hand-to-mouth existence as part of the resistance, while Julia has become the leader of a cult and a target for the aliens. As Eiji and Kain face each other for the last battle, Julia prepares to use her mystic powers to save Earth. The series is laden with emotional tension, with a dark emphasis on the cruelty of war and the corrupting effects of power. The early deaths of innocent civilians-including one of the original school party-set the tone; these are battles where nobody really wins and the good don't always survive. The series was taken off the air after episode 38, resulting in a confusing ending with Eiji simply left floating in space and a complex transfer to video. Initially, the series was released as three tapes: Eiji 1996 and Lu Kain 1999 (digests of episodes 1-24 and 26-37 respectively), incorporating extra, previously unseen footage, and Act III: Seal 2000, which contained the unbroadcast episodes 39 and 40. Set after the end of the war, Kain is still spoiling for a fight and prepares to reopen hostilities, but he is killed by his son Lu who takes control of Glados. Lu faces off against Eiji, but Julia manages to stop the fighting by warping Earth to a different part of the universe. SPTL was also released as another video series, the first two tapes comprising episodes 1-4, while the third contained episodes 15 and 28, supposedly because they were fan favorites. The entire 38-episode broadcast run was not released on video until 1997.

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Name SPT Layzner
Romaji: Aoki Ryusei SPT Layzner
Publisher ?
Start Year 1985
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Aliases Blue Meteor SPT Layzner
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