Spring Has Come

Spring Has Come is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 12/10/2005

Spring Has Come Episode 7

It is time for the annual IGPX Spring Festival as the six teams in the IG-1 compete in exhibition matches and contests for their fans. Takeshi wants to beat Cunningham in the test trials as Michiru attempts to score more sponsors. The biggest trial for the day will be on Mark's end as two figures from his past approach him with an unsavory request.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme
Go For It by Gran Rodeo

Mark is working on installing the new upgrades to the mechs as Jesse announces he has a visitor. The mysterious man admires Mark's work as he acts a bit cold to the man. Jesse runs off to get the two drinks as it is shown that the man is Mark's father and has come to discuss with him about his mother. Apparently his mother has overworked herself and is sick, asking for her son to come home to see her. Mark refuses as Jesse wonders what the deal is between the two as his father leaves, noticing that Mark still holds on to the charms his mother sends him. Out on the track, it turns out that today is the annual IGPX Spring Festival where all six IG-1 teams will compete in exhibition matches and contests for their fans and for charity. Yamma is finishing his time trial as Cunningham will race next.

Everyone is trying to figure out what's taking Mark so long
Everyone is trying to figure out what's taking Mark so long

Takeshi, Liz, Luca, and Amy pose for photo shots as Takeshi can't help but to notice Fantine and Team Skylark just a few feet away, starring at her. Michiru asks Andrei where Mark is since he is supposed to show off the mechs to potential sponsors but he is still at the head quarters working on some things. Michiru tries to take things into her own hands as she gives the sponsors a tour. Back at the base, Jesse runs into a woman and accidentally knocks her down. She tries to help the woman up as she recognizes Mark's father from earlier and realizes that the woman is his mother. The two talk with Jesse about how they try to keep in touch with Mark but things have fallen apart over the years. They ask Jesse if she can talk to Mark to see if she can convince him to come home for a while as she leaves. However, it is revealed that his mother faked her sickness to try and guilt Mark into coming home.

The events continue on the racetrack as Liz goes up against Frank in a mech arm wrestling contest but loses when he cheats, something no one notices. Amy and Takeshi have a conversation about how they are ranked fourth and will raise the ranks if they beat Team Skylark in their next race. Takeshi wants to take the championship as he goes to watch Cunningham's run on the remodeled course. He seems to be depressed but Liz tells him that he has to have passion in order to win and not worry about Cunningham. This seems to have cheered Takeshi up as he goes out for his run. The sponsors are allowed in the pits to see the time trial unfold. Takeshi races a bit off since they are testing out a few new things for the mechs as Takeshi asks that Mark take off the safety couplings, something that he does that annoys Michiru and Liz. Takeshi is able to go faster than before but is behind Cunningham by a few seconds.

Even though he didn't beat Cunningham, the event is also vote based as Takeshi wins. He thanks Mark for upgrading the mechs so amazingly as his parents watch from the office. His father knows that Mark is happy and where he belongs but his mother collapses when she gets upset at Mark. His father thinks its a ruse again but it turns out she is actually ill as she is taken to the hospital. When Mark gets the call this time, he actually rushes to the hospital and meets with his mother. He confesses to her that he knows she wants him to come home and work at their company but he refuses politely. Mark claims he is much happier in the IGPX and attributes it to all the charms she sends him. It turns out that this was another trick and that she wasn't sick, something Mark knew all along as he leaves, but not before getting his mother's blessings.

Fantine comforts Takeshi after his run
Fantine comforts Takeshi after his run

In the VIP lounge, Takeshi tries to cool off from losing to Cunningham's time as Fantine swings by to talk to him. She claims that he was amazing on the track and should be proud of how far he has come. He tries to put down himself but she cites his passion as an attributing factor, to which he perks up and agrees. Michiru gets some bad news as the sponsors she was trying to get decline her offer, saying that they don't know if Team Satomi will be popular or not. Michiru relents as Fantine and Takeshi agree to go out to a coffee shop on a date that evening.

Closing Theme
Believe Yourself by Exige

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