Spit Your Sadness Away

Spit Your Sadness Away is an anime episode of Kill la Kill that was released on 12/19/2013
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Ryuko comes face to face with her father’s killer, but can she contain her rage? Mako and the Elite Four look on as she rampages on, coming closer and closer to death. Will Satsuki or anyone else be able to stop her?

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Plot Summary

Spit Your Sadness Away
RomajiKanashimi ni Tsuba o Kakero
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Ending"Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai."
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Ryuko attacks Nui first only to have attack blocked by Nui. Nui caresses Senketsu who freaks out. When Nui tries to pull out Senketsu’s Banshi thread, Senketsu manage to stay intact. Nui notes that Senketsu has more than one Banshi thread. In Nui’s flashback, Nui attacks Isshin with her ruler. Isshin takes out the Rending Scissor to fend Nui off. Nui easily takes Isshin’s Rending Scissor and stabs him. Then, Ryuko enters the room. With Nui distracted, Isshin takes half of the Scissor Blade and cuts Nui’s left eye. Enraged at Isshin, Nui takes out the Scissor Blade from Isshin’s abdomen and slashes Isshin several times.

In the fight, Ryuko loses her self of reason as her rage consumes her and her blood. Senketsu goes out of control and starts to morph into a disfigured monster. Satsuki and her Elite Four decide to step in. Then, Mako runs into her family who wants to find the arena. Mako initiates the house call as she and her family rush to aid Ryuko. While Nui taunts Ryuko, Aikuro takes aim at Ryuko. When Tsumugu confronts Ryuko, Tsumugu opens fire at both ladies. Nui chases Tsumugu and falls into a trap in a nearby building. Ryuko notices Aikuro aiming at her and starts to moves towards him. Tsumugu detonates his explosives that topple pillars that fall on top of Ryuko. Satsuki meets up with Nui for a quick chat. With Ryuko's sense of reason gone, Satsuki attacks Ryuko to put her down. As the two clash swords and power up for the final strike, Mako jumps out of nowhere and surfs the rainbow. Mako slaps Ryuko silly until her friend snaps out. Meanwhile, Aikuro is glad that they didn't have to put down Ryuko. Tsumugu remarks that the three women are all monsters. Satsuki bans Nui from the academy.

Several days later, Satsuki informs Ryuko that she had Nui killed her father. She thanks Ryuko for making the final adjustments to the Goku Uniforms. She is prepared to crush the western academy administrations in a Tri-City Schools Raid Trip.

Points of Interest

  • Tsumugu's special adhesive bullet acts like a powerful starching agent.

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

CharacterAbilities, Moves, & Items
Ryuko MatoiMoves
  • Finishing Move: Sen-I-Soshitsu
Nui HarimeItems
Satsuki KiryuinItems

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