Spirited Away by the Demon, Part Two - Secrets

Spirited Away by the Demon, Part Two - Secrets is an anime episode of When They Cry - Higurashi that was released on 04/11/2006
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During the annual Watanagashi festival, Keiichi is informed by Tomitake and a mysterious woman, Takano, about "Oyashiro's curse". A series of murders and disappearances has occurred on the night of the festival for the past four years and are all supposedly caused by the curse of Hinamizawa's guardian deity, Oyashiro.
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Plot Summary

Spirited Away by the Demon, Part Two - Secrets
Kanji鬼隠し編 其ノ弐 隠しごと
RomajiOnikakushi-hen sono ni - Kakushigoto
Air Dates
April 11, 2006
MangaCh. 2-3 (Vol. 1)

Continuing straight from the first episode, Keiichi is shocked to find that Rena has returned with a large cleaver, only to realize his own blunder when she reminded him that he was the one who requested for the cutting tool. Nevertheless, it was getting dark. Keiichi consoles a disappointed Rena, reminding her that she could get the Kenta Doll on the following day.

Rika in Her Miko Outfit
Rika in Her Miko Outfit

On the next day, Keiichi is informed by Mion about the 'Cotton Drifting Festival,' an event where the group will be playing their club games. On the night of the festival, Keiichi gets separated from Rena and goes on a search for her, but instead runs into Tomitake and a blond woman.

When Keiichi probes Tomitake for more information regarding the dismemberment incident, he learns that the incident had occurred during the cotton-drifting festival, and that it was supposedly a curse by the village deity, "Oyashiro-sama." Tomitake also states that, for a consecutive period of three years after the incident, more casualties and missing people had followed - on the exact same day as the festival.

A day after, Keiichi is paid a visit by a police officer named Kuraudo Ooishi who shows him the photos of Tomitake and the blond woman. After being shot with several questions regarding the two, Keiichi asks if something have happened. Ooishi notes that Tomitake has met his demise - on the night of the festival.

Tomitake's Body
Tomitake's Body

The blond woman, on the other hand, has gone missing. To prevent the cause of death from being explained as the curse that has been reoccurring for the past five years, Ooishi seeks the assistance of one who would refuse to believe in such reasoning - Keiichi himself. After offering his contact number, Ooishi asks Keiichi to keep it a secret from the rest of the villagers - including his circle of friends.

Half-asleep in class, Keiichi overhears Mion and Rena talking about the incident from the festival night, that the possible fate of the blond woman being 'spirited away by the demon.'

When club activities are announced to be canceled, Keiichi cleans up after, but comes across the name, "Satoshi," on one of the game cards. When questioned, Rena claims that he had transferred soon after she had arrived, and that she has little knowledge about him. However, Keiichi grows suspicious that his friends are keeping secrets from him. When questioned again, Rena claims that Keiichi have also been keeping secrets from his friends, and that she knows about his conversation with Ooishi yesterday.


Later, Keiichi has a late night conversation with the said police officer over the phone, and Ooishi sheds some light on what being 'spirited away by demon' means, as well as the disappearance of the boy named "Satoshi." The conversation was cut short, however, when Keiichi's father brings tea to the room, claiming that Rena had visited Keiichi's room prior to the interruption.

As Keiichi ponders on the consequences of his actions, Rena watches on with slit pupils...

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Kuraudo Ooishi
Kuraudo Ooishi

"What you can see is the false whereabouts. What you can see there is a blank look. What I can see is repeated sadness. When They Cry: Spirited Away by the Demon, Part Three - Suspicion. Can you believe it?"

Points of Interest

  • This is the first time we see Rika in her miko outfit.
  • Notice the reoccurring scene with the man ringing the bell - nobody really remembers him despite this.
  • Rena explains that the name of the festival comes from the tradition of drifting cotton wool down the stream, in the belief that the cotton would absorb the 'bad stuff from your body.'
  • Take note of their identity when Tomitake mentions the victims from each festival throughout the three years.
  • Also, take note of Satoshi's surname when Ooishi mentions it.
  • This is the first time in the series we see Mion mention about 'helping her uncle.' This will be made clearer in the second arc.
  • Milestone for the most memorable scene in the whole series.
  • Keiichi's father makes his first appearance.
  • Ooishi refers to himself, for the first time, as "Ooishi from the Okinomiya Bookstore" in case anyone decides to eavesdrop on their conversation...
  • Ooishi has yet to show his true colors, being a friendlier interpretation here than he is in the third arc.
  • Chafurin plays yet another high-ranking police figure here, after his role as Police Chief Megure in Detective Conan.

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