Spirited Away by the Demon, Part Three - Suspicion

Spirited Away by the Demon, Part Three - Suspicion is an anime episode of When They Cry - Higurashi that was released on 04/18/2006
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Growing increasingly paranoid, Keiichi calls in sick for school to avoid his friends and delve deeper into the mysteries of Hinamizawa. That night, Rena and Mion visit Keiichi and give him a box of ohagi as part of a club activity. One of the ohagi contains a needle. Keiichi is convinced that that Rena and Mion are out to get him.
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Plot Summary

Spirited Away by the Demon, Part Three - Suspicion
Kanji鬼隠し編 其ノ参 疑心
RomajiOnikakushi-hen sono san - Gishin
Air Dates
April 18, 2006
MangaCh. 4-5 (Vol. 2)
"It has to be a coincidence!"
"It has to be a coincidence!"

Reeling from paranoia after learning that Rena was eavesdropping on his conversation the previous night, Keiichi decides to take a sick leave and visits the clinic. On his way home, however, Ooishi offers to buy lunch - all the way over at Okinomiya. During their meal, Ooishi reveals that all the victims of the village curse are connected to Keiichi's circle of friends. Due to this, Ooishi thinks that Keiichi is in danger.

Later that night, Rena and Mion pay a visit to Keiichi, bringing with them a box of homemade ohagi as a gift. However, the gift comes with a warning - Keiichi's friends know what he is doing, and there is no way to hide it. When Keiichi takes a bite out of one ohagi later, he finds another warning in the form of a needle...

Ohagi Needle
Ohagi Needle

Determined not to be taken down without a fight, Keiichi jots down his current predicament on a note and hides it behind his clock. After nearly being knocked down in a hit-and-run, however, Keiichi decides to go on the offensive, arming himself with an unused bat that he finds in someone's locker.

"I told you - he transferred."
"I told you - he transferred."

After school, Keiichi immediately returns home without staying for club activities. Much to his annoyance, he finds himself tailed by Rena. Having yelled at to walk ahead of him, Rena instead pauses in front of him and asks why he is in possession of Satoshi's bat - while imitating every single of Satoshi's actions before his 'transfer.'

At night, Keiichi receives a call from his mother telling him that his parents would be out of town for a day. He proceeds to lock up. Shortly after, Ooishi calls in to check up on him. When Ooishi learns of the needle, he urges Keiichi to retrieve it to be used as evidence, but Keiichi could not locate the needle or the ohagi anywhere. When he informs Ooishi about the hit-and-run van, he realizes that he did not trace down the license plate number.

Just as he was telling Ooishi about Satoshi's 'transfer,' however, his doorbell begins to ring incessantly...

Next Episode Preview

"All I wanted was to drink soda..."
"All I wanted was to drink soda..."

"Don't fear what's beyond tomorrow. Don't injure your heart. Don't apologize for everything that happened yesterday. When They Cry: Spirited Away by the Demon, Part Four - Distortions. Can you believe it?"

Points of Interest

  • Keiichi's mother finally shows her face! Sort of.
  • The nurse who calls upon Keiichi at the beginning sounds really bored.
  • First appearance of Dr. Irie.
  • First appearance of Angel Mort.
  • Note the scenes with Rena and Mion having slit eyes. This will play a bigger role in the second season.
  • Also, from this point onwards, notice the diluted pupils of Keiichi - that's not a coincidence nor an art style.
  • Remember the scene with the needle - though that probably won't be too difficult.
  • "It's not like I'll die." Epic foreshadowing.

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