Spirited Away by the Demon, Part One - Beginning

Spirited Away by the Demon, Part One - Beginning is an anime episode of When They Cry - Higurashi that was released on 04/04/2006
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Keiichi Maebara moves to the rural village of Hinamizawa and befriends four girls—Rena Ryuugu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Hojo, and Rika Furude. He joins their after-school club. Life is peaceful until Keiichi learns from a man named Tomitake about a murder in Hinamizawa's past.
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Plot Summary

Spirited Away by the Demon, Part One - Beginning
Kanji鬼隠し編 其ノ壱 ハジマリ
RomajiOnikakushi-hen sono ichi - Hajimari
Air Dates
April 4, 2006
November 18, 2008
MangaCh. 1 (Vol. 1)
It's that kind of show.
It's that kind of show.

It is June of Showa 58, 1983. A boy is repetitively hitting something with his baseball bat. We don't know what until the camera pulls out - Keiichi Maebara is seen standing before two bloodied corpses. The episode title appears, and the opening theme begins.

Morning comes. Keiichi wakes up and everything appears to be normal. He wakes up and goes to school, informing the viewers that one month have passed since he moved to this seemingly quiet village called Hinamizawa.

On the way, our protagonist meets up with the two close friends that he have made within the month; Rena Ryuugu and Sonozaki Mion.

Keiichi and Satoko Playfully Fights
Keiichi and Satoko Playfully Fights

On the following day, Rena and Mion give Keiichi a tour around the village. While having a picnic later, Rika Furude and Satoko Houjou show up to check up on all the commotion. Hilarity ensues.

After splitting up at dusk, Keiichi accompanies Rena to a garbage dump where she searches for 'treasure.' While waiting for her, Keiichi is surprised by the sudden appearance of Jirou Tomitake, a supposed freelance photographer. After cracking a joke about Rena checking up on a dismembered corpse, Jirou makes an ominous comment about 'a horrible crime,' adding that 'one of the arms have yet to be found,' much to Keiichi's surprise.

When Rena returns later, it is revealed that the 'treasure' she was actually searching for is a 'Kenta Doll' of the 'Kentucky Fried Chicken' restaurant. After promising to help retrieving the doll from the dump on the following day, Keiichi takes the chance to ask Rena about any past incidents of significance worth noticing. Rena mentions about a dam construction, but is steadfast in avoiding on discussing the details, claiming that she was 'living somewhere else' till the previous year. Cicada cries shrill through the scene till the appearance of the eyecatch.

"Y-You&squot;re evil."
"Y-You're evil."

The next day, Mion welcomes Keiichi into their after school club - one which they would play games. Due to unfair disadvantages, Keiichi is utterly defeated and is forced to play the Punishment Game,' where Mion scribbles doodles on his face.

After club activities, Keiichi tries to probe information out of Mion in regards to the dam construction. Explaining that the villagers had to protest against a government eviction, she too steadfastly admits to know nothing of any murders or similar incidents revolving round the protest.

"Hinamizawa Lynch Death"
"Hinamizawa Lynch Death"

While helping Rena with the Kenta doll later, Keiichi remarks that they might need an 'axe or saw' to make the retrieval. Rena asks him to wait for a while before running off elsewhere. While waiting for her, Keiichi searches through the dump and finds an old article reporting a gruesome dismemberment incident that involves the dam construction. Recalling on how his friends have seemed to avoid the topic despite such obvious implications, Keiichi gets a bad feeling about this.

The feeling is made worse by the noisy cicadas in the background that seem to act as a warning of coming events. Meanwhile, Rena returns with a giant cleaver in her hand...

Next Episode Preview

Rena is watching you with her neko-vision
Rena is watching you with her neko-vision

"Can you believe in things you see? Can you believe in living? Can you believe in me? When They Cry: Spirited Away by the Demon, Part Two - Secrets. Can you believe it?"

Points of Interest

  • Keiichi's mother makes a brief faceless appearance in this episode.
  • The school is a multigrade school housing children of different ages.
  • The first time in the series when Rena says her trademark quote, "I want to take you home!"
  • Mion comments that 'It's good to be young' in the manner of an old man...
  • Take note of the scenes when the cicadas cry.
  • Keiichi's more aggressive side is hinted when Jirou disturbs his nap.

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