Spirit Dance

Spirit Dance is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 09/29/2011

Spirit Dance

Gintoki and his group visit Sket Dance in this second crossover episode. Bossun fears that Gintama is taking their show apart, but he once again looks up to Gintoki after some conversation and a wild time travel adventure.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Michi (道)" by The Sketchbook

Gintoki and his group
Gintoki and his group

Bossun is chasing Moe's gibbon, and when the gibbon jumps out of the window and runs away, Hime spots the gibbon and catches it. Later, Moe thanks Hime and Bossun. Switch comments that it has been a few months that they form the Sket Dance club. Suddenly, Gintoki and his pals appear in the middle of the room as the room fills with smoke. Gintoki forgets who they are; Shinpachi and Kagura reminds him. Although Kagura gets the idea of scoutman, Gintoki remarks that Sket Dance, the poor man's Gintama. Bossun responds that the author, Shinohara, was the former assistant to Gintama's creator, Hideaki Sorachi, and Bossun asks why they are here.

Gintoki reads script
Gintoki reads script

Shinpachi reveals a script for the show and crushes it; Kagura stomps on the table in an intimidating manner. She tells them that they invaded their territory. Bossun replies that they handle things better; when Hime asks Gintoki how they got here, Gintoki informs them that Gengai used them as guinea pigs for the dimensional transporter. As Kagura complains how Sket Dan's clubroom smells like piss, Gintoki and his group put up their sign, Odd Jobs Gin-Chan much to Bossun and Hime's annoyance. Then Shinpachi reminds them that it is time to do the opening. Just before Sket Dan does their Sket Dance stance, Gintoki and his group steals the spotlight.

Switch as Gintoki
Switch as Gintoki

Hime treats Gintoki and Bossun to tea, and Bossun cries when Gintoki gets the intonation of his name wrong. Shinpachi informs Gintoki that Gintoki got Bossun's correct in the last crossover episode, but Gintoki tells him to shut up. In addition, Bossun tells Hime to keep her remarks to herself. This causes Hime and Shinpachi to freak out, and Gintoki explains that they will make amends with them. Now, Shinpachi reenacts the scene, and once Bossun cries, Gintoki huddles with his group to get some information on Sket Dance. Bossun tells Hime that this episode has been following the manga's story line closely. Suddenly, Kagura announces Hime's name and Switch's name. Also, she adds that Switch is more handsome than Shinpachi. When Switch thanks her, Gintoki and his friends get a shocking revelation that Switch has Gin's voice.

To emphasize the point, Hime explains that the drama CD has already revealed that, yet Gintoki throws it away. Hime comments that this scene is like Cell meeting Chiyo's father. When Teppei appears, Shinpachi remembers Teppei, and the two realize that they share the same voice actor. Then the scene shifts to Kagura tasting Hime's lollipop and then throwing up. Bossun thinks that Gintama is going take their time slot as he stares at their poster that has the Gintama's mascot. Gintoki comments that their room is nice, and Kagura tries to reassure him that they had a good run. Gintoki asks Bossun if Sket Dance is a good anime. Standing proudly, Bossun reveals a montage of their adventures, and Shinpachi remarks that they have been sitting in this room for a long time. When Kagura calls them boring, she wants them to play badminton which Hime is eager to play. However, Bossun stops them; Gintoki tells everyone to play a game inside which is about making Shounen Jump Titles sound like porn shows. Bossun and Hime make them stop, but when Hime says that Gintoki acts like the cock of the walk, Gintoki laughs.

Shinpachi and Hime Moment
Shinpachi and Hime Moment

At the same time, Hime and Shinpachi yells at them to shut up. When they both realize it, they blush and try to apologize to each other. Gintoki and Kagura starts to laugh much to Shinpachi and Hime's embarrassment. Hime tells Shinpachi to shut up, and she explains that it is hard to do her job. She tells him that he is an annoying person. Later on, Shinpachi sits in the corner with his mouth shut by a sneeze mask. When Bossun interrupts Kagura's statement, she punches Bossun who crashes through the door. Hime begs why Kagura did this, and Switch tells them that the shock has activated the machine. Gintoki tells Sket Dan that it was fun, and he tells them his goodbye speech that gets Bossun to believe in him. Gintoki tells them that they will do a crossover next year if their shows are still on the air.

The Sket Dan crew and Gintoki find themselves on the first day of school and the first episode of the show. They time travel to search for Shinpachi and Kagura who are in the different episodes. During the travel, they go through a montage of scenes while Switch stops to give some information on Shinzo. Gintoki comments that they are padding the episode; Bossun denies it, but Switch agrees. As the gang accelerate, Gintoki finds Kagura in the audience stands during the episode that has Bossun and Sojiro in the Pixie match. Bossun uses his concentration mode to search for Shinpachi through the episodes. He finds him during the Kaimei Rock Festival. As the gang search for Shinpachi, Shinpachi yells out and they notice Shinpachi is missing his primary features, his glasses, and getting paler. Switch thinks that Shinpachi will disappear if he remains disconnected to his glasses. Bossun uses his concentration and finds Moe's gibbon switching Teppei's glasses when Teppei washes his face.

Bossun and his gang find Teppei and give him back his glasses. Kagura and Gintoki get sad when Shinpachi becomes fainter. Bossun appears and fires Shinpachi's glasses to Gintoki who places them on Shinpachi's face. Once Shinpachi recovers, Kagura slaps him for making them worry. As Gintoki thanks Bossun, Kagura still calls them a poor man's Gintama. After one last handshake, Bossun and his gang stare at Gintoki's banner.

Closing Theme

"Kioku (キヲク)" by The Sketchbook

Points of Interest

Cameos of Sket Dance Characters

  • Shinzo
  • Sojiro

Breaking the Fourth Wall

  • Gintoki calls the Sket Dance, the poor man's Gintama. Kagura calls them that, too.
  • Gintoki suspects Sket Dance padding their episode with clips of past episodes.
  • Bossun explains that Kenta Shinohara, the creator of Sket Dance, is the former assistant to Hideaki Sorachi, the creator of Ginta.
  • Hime talks about how the episode is following the manga version closely.
  • The Sket Dance's Spirit Dance script has the network, TV Tokyo, and other information on it.
  • The drama CD for Sket Dance appears.

Shounen Jump Shows

  • Heman Ritborn
  • Clura: Rise of the Nokai Yan
  • Bodaka Mex

After the Credits

Bossun and the others find Gintoki and his gang doing the preview. The preview returns to normal.

Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers chapter 180 of Sket Dance. It's previous crossover chapter and episode is chapter 349 and episode 227 of Gintama.

Bossun reads Gintama
Bossun reads Gintama
Switch eating instead of typing in the anime
Switch eating instead of typing in the anime
Bossun's rude
Bossun's rude
  • How it starts: There are no gibbon chase in the manga version, yet Bossun and his group are reading Gintama when Gintoki and his group arrives. In contrast, Bossun and Hime are chasing a gibbon, and there is no Gintama magazine.
  • When Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi realizes that Switch has the same voice as Gin, Switch is eating a fish. Compared to the anime version, Switch is working on his laptop.
  • Kagura's reason to hit Bossun: In the manga, Kagura demonstrates the sound effect whereas, in the anime, she hits Bossun for interrupting her.
  • The Drama CD is not revealed in the manga.
  • In the manga, Bossun gets possessed and speaks in Shinotara's voice about meeting Sorachi at the New Year's Party. Sorachi states that he met Shinohara the day after because he skips these parties.
  • Manga has no Moe and her gibbon or a time travel scene.
  • The manga has Bossun reacting in a bad manner with Gintoki. Compared in the anime, Bossun looks up to Gintoki and is on good terms with him.

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Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.
Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.


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