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Spice and Wolf is an anime series in the Spice and Wolf franchise
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mans' best girl friend Reviewed by Kino88 on Oct. 24, 2012. Kino88 has written 18 reviews. His/her last review was for Gunbuster. 10 out of 16 users recommend his reviews.

Spice and Wolf is A lot like it's lead cover girl Holo upon first impression I found it to be yet another anime from the shallow guy meets oddball lady with other worldly quirks genre I kept waiting and waiting, for this wolf girl to bring on all the shameful fan service and never ending stream of of tail wagging erotica. However not only was I a bit shocked to find this show had no such intentions but it even went the extra mile by being a very touching and very thoughtful love story, picture that. It all begins when a soft spoken traveling merchant named Craft Lawrence finds a naked woman sleeping in the back of his cart (and yes believe it or not this is one of very few nude moments) Lawrence is shocked when she awakens to reveal herself as Holo the wise wolf. Holo has lived for hundreds of years and is starting to feel a bit lonely so she adopts a more human form and takes to the road with her new found company needless to say the two form quite a pair.This adventure is equal parts romance and well.....economics, bet you did'int see that one coming did ya, being that Lawrence is after all a merchant, Spice and Wolf devotes a surprising amount of detail to this subject so much so that it might be educational for some and very very dull for others I will admit to being kind of impressed by the sheer realism of the merchant life style. However the first season does drag quite a bit for the same reason though there is some fun to be had thanks to some sly and witty writing for both Lawrence and Holo watching these two bicker never really gets old and there growth as lovers is surprisingly subtle for anime (or anything really) and while the plot dose have two or three dramatic high points it remains a calm soothing and sometimes spellbinding ride by default.

the animation is warm and inviting and gets even better by season two,

the soundtrack is both hauntingly beautiful and playfully catchy,

and there is nothing quite like it go watch!

side note/ I now count coins in my sleep

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