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Topic started by SuperBuster on Jan. 11, 2009. Last post by Devilly 6 years, 2 months ago.
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I'm confused by all the various media that Spice and Wolf is presented in. As I understand it, the franchise is based off of nine light novels which have yet to be translated. Then there is the manga series (of which I could only find up to chapter six translated) and the anime series which has done 13 episodes (if you include the the DVD release 7th episode [If I recall correctly]). So, if I got this right, then as someone who is only fluent in english, the farthest I can enjoy this series is up to episode 13 of the anime series. Do I have that right? Is there any media that goes past the events of episode 13 that I can understand?
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6? o if you mean the translated manga pages i uploaded here thats a fan-sub
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Right, no matter where I go I can only find up to six translated manga chapters. I did some light research and found out that the Spice and Wolf manga is being released in volumes of six chapters and so far only the first volume has been released, so that seems to validate my understanding.
Also, to anyone who is interested, I think that volume two of the manga series is being released 1/27/09 and I think Ch. 7 may be out in the raw. Also, I believe the next season of the anime series is coming out this April. Can I get some corfirmation on either of these two facts?

I'm still working to see how far the novels have been translated. baka-tsuki.net has some translated stuff but it's erratic and not complete.
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yeah my recources say the same Chapters: 6 - ongoing - irregular
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