Spice and Wolf Characters

Spice and Wolf is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series, 2 manga series
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Adele Cole

Adele Cole is the wife of the wheat merchant Marc Cole.

Aroldo Eklund

Aroldo Eklund is the owner of the inn in fur trading town of Renos.


Craft Lawrence

Traveling merchant trying to gather enough money to fulfill his dream to start his own shop.

Dian Rubens

Dian Rubens is a chronicler who collects pagan tales. She is a bird spirit who fell in love with a human but left when he noticed she never aged.

Diana's Messenger

Diana's Messenger is a mysterious young girl who runs errands for the alchemist Diana Rubens.

Ew Lant

Ew Lant is the apprentice of the wheat-merchant Marc Cole in Kumersun.

Fermi Amarty

Fermi Amarty is a young-merchant from the south who works for a fish broker, and he has a crush on Holo.

Fleur Boland

Fleur Boland is a female stone-statue merchant who sells blessed statues of religious figures.

Ghe Batos

Ghe Batos is a large jewelry peddler and friend to Dian Rubens.


Helena is a waitress working at the Tails of Beasts in Renose.


Holo is an immortal wolf-deity from the northern city of Yoitsu. No longer needed to bring a bountiful harvest in the west, she searches for her home as she travels with a merchant named Kraft Lawrence.

Kolka Koos

Kolka Koos is a fur trader that met Lawrence in the town of Renos.

Marc Cole

Marc Cole is a town merchant that sells wheat in Kumersun.


Merta is a nun from the series Spice and Wolf.

Nora Arendt

Nora is a soft-spoken and skilled shepherdess working for the church in Rubinhaigen city who befriends Lawrence and Holo in the Spice and Wolf franchise. She is always seen with her sheep dog, Enek.

Rigoro Dedre

Rigoro Dedre is a chronicler of old tales, and it also the town recorder for all merchant trades in Renos.

Ruzz Elingn

Ruzz Elingn is the merchant representative of the Derink Trading Company.

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