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Mage Of The Beginning

The first Mage and the Creator of the Magical World


Abigail is a former companion of Dark Schneider. Today he's following Kal Su in his attempt to awake the god Anthrax.

Akuto Sai

A young man who was left abandoned on a doorstep as an infant due to his tragic fate, which he didn't learn about it until he grew up and went to attend Constant Magic Academy. Yes, Sai Akuto is going to become... the demon king.

Albireo Imma

Albireo Imma is a member of the original Ala Rubra and Partner with Nagi Springfield. He prefers to be called Ku:nel Sanders.


Alcyone is a character from the series Magic Knight Rayearth. She is a powerful sorceress, making her one of the most formidable villains. She works for Zagato.

Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune

The young, buxom, justice-loving Princess of Saillune.


Apollonius is a mage who is part of the Al Sarmen organization.


A character from the anime / manga Soul Eater. One of the Main antagonists in the story, who is known as "The Heretic Witch".


Archer is the servant of Rin Tohsaka due to an slightly incomplete summoning process, Archer says he has no memories of who he really is. He tends to be very cynical, sarcastic, and a bit arrogant about his power/abilities.

Arika Anarchia Entheofushia

Arika Anarchia Entheofushia is the princess of Ostia in the Magical World. Known as the "Princess of Twilight" and the mother of Negi Springfield.


Ascot is a character from the series Magic Knight Rayearth. He is one of the villans working for Zagato. He has the ability to summon monsters.


Bacchus is the S mage of the Quatros Cerberus guild in the Fairy Tail franchise.


The main antagonist of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, she is Battler's main opponent in the Game.

Beth Vanderwood

Beth Vanderwood is a mage of the Mermaid Heel guild.


One of the characters in Soul Eater. Blair is a cat with a strong aptitude for magic, which gets her confused as a witch.

Byro Cracy

Byro Cracy is the Earth Land counterpart of the Byro of Edolas. He is much taller and muscular than his counterpart.


Caldina is a master magician and illusionist. She works for Zagato and reveals to the knights that the events in Cephiro aren't what they seem.


A friend of Wendy Marvell and one of the Exceed from Edolas. She is also hinted at being the daughter of the queen of the Exceed.


Caster is a servant from Fate/stay night. She became a Honored guest of the Ryudou Family and was able to stay at their temple unitl preparations for her marriage have been finalized. She was really using the temple to revive the Holy Grail.

Caster (Zero)

Ryuunosuke's Servant in the 4th Holy Grail War

Cattleya Yvette la Baume le Blanc de la Fontaine

Cattleya Yvette la Baume le Blanc de la Fontaine is the elder, and seemingly favorite, sister of Louise.

Chigusa Amagasaki

A charm user from the Kansai Magic Association.

Chrono Harlaown


One of the main characters of Lunar Legend Tsukihime.


Clef is a character from the series Magic Knight Rayearth. He is responsible for bringing the Magic Knights to Cephiro. He is a master magician. He begins the knights' training before sending them out on their quest to save Cephiro.

Clow Reed

A magician of immense power.


Jean Colbert is a professor at the Tristain Academy of Magic. It is later revealed that he is also known as the Flame Snake.


Coordinator is a member of the Carbuncle guild in the Fairy Tail film.

Dan Straight

Dan Straight is the spearhead of Legion in the Fairy Tail franchise.

Dark Magician

Dark Magician is one of Yugi's prized monsters in the yugioh series, possibly one of his most powerful monsters in his arsenal.

Dark Magician Girl

A duel monster card used by Yugi Mutou, she sometimes has come to life to ask Yugi for help.

Dark Schneider

A powerful wizard who once wanted to take over the world, but now attempts to save it.


Doron is a magician at Magnostadt Academy.

Dunya Musta'sim

Dunya Musta'sim is a former princess of the Musta'sim kingdom.

Eisen Faust

An evil magician.

Elfman Strauss

A member of the Fairy Tail guild and Mirajane's younger brother. Elfman has the ability to absorb the power of monsters he defeated into his arm.

Emiya Kiritsugu

He was the victor of the 4th Holy Grail War. When it ended he adopted Shirou from wreckage of the war.

Erika Furudo

A detective that comes to Rokkenjima in the fifth game

Eriol Hiiragizawa


Eris is Rezo lab assistant who have strong feeling for him.

Eruka Frog

A cowardly witch who works for Medusa Gorgon, and is a minor antagonist in the Soul Eater franchise. Like most witches in the series, Eruka also has an affinity for a specific animal, hers being a frog.

Erza Scarlet

Erza is a powerful S-Class mage and one of the main characters in Fairy Tail. She's part of Team Natsu and uses Requip magic to change into different suits of armor, each with it's own unique properties.

Etou Fujiko

Etou Fujiko is the head of the girl's dorm at Constant Academy.


Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell

Evangeline is a vampire that is cursed to remain within the borders of Mahora Academy by Negi's father, the Thousand Master. She is the master of Negi's magical combat training.

Fate Averruncus

Fate Averruncus is a mysterious young man who challenges Negi and is set to destroy the Magical World. He has some unknown link to Negi's father.

Fate Testarossa


Fatina is a magician in the Tower of Druaga anime series. She uses fire magic.

Fay D. Flourite

Fay is another main character from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles who has fled from his home world. He travels, fights, and helps to search for Sakura's feathers alongside Syaoran and the group.

Fei Wong Reed

Fei Wong Reed is the main villain in the anime series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. His ultimate goal is to obtain the power to travel across dimensions.

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