Speed Racer: Mach Go Go Go Characters

Speed Racer: Mach Go Go Go is an manga series in the Speed Racer franchise
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Ace Deucey

Offers to get Pops Racer's plans for Mr. Van Ruffle for $5,000 dollars.

Ali Ben Schemer

Plants a bomb in the Black Tiger, the race car belonging to Kim Jugger.

Captain Terror

Captain Terror is the leader of the Car Acrobatic Team. He has sworn vengeance against Speed Racer after their defeat during the Most Dangerous Race.

Chim Chim

The chimpanzee friend of Spritle, younger brother of Speed Racer.

Kim Jugger

Known as the "wildest racer in the world," Kim has won every race he's ever entered...until he meets Speed.

Light Fingers Clepto, Jr

An old man that drives his father's model T car. The original engine had a secret number revealing the location of 1 billion dollars in gold.

Lily Marker

Daughter of Flash Marker, Sr, who died 15 years ago when his car, the Melange was forced to crash.

Mom Racer

Speed Racer's mom.

Mr. Van Ruffle

Exec at the company Pops worked at. Said his plans for a new engine would fail and later attempted to steal them.

Pops Racer

The father of Speed Racer and creator of the Mach 5.

Racer X

Racer X is secretly Speed Racer's older brother Rex.

Skull Duggery

A reckless driver and rival of Speed Racer's. He has no concern over the safety of other drivers. All he cares about is winning even after Speed risks his life to help him.

Slash Marker, Jr

The son of Flash Marker, Sr, a driver that was forced off the road in a race 15 years ago and died. He sought revenge for his father's death against those responsible.


The mechanic for the Mach V. Best friend to Speed Racer.

Speed Racer

Speed Racer is a demon on wheels.


The younger brother of Speed Racer and best friend to chimp, Chim Chim. They love candy and have a knack for hiding in Speed's trunk.

Tongue Blaggard

An escaped felon looking for the old model T belonging to Light Fingers Clepto because the engine has a secret number revealing where 1 billion dollars in gold is hidden.


Trixie is the girlfriend of Speed Racer. She often helps him during races by flying around in her helicopter or driving along besides him in the Mach 5.

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