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Speed Grapher is an anime series in the Speed Grapher franchise
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Great Series Reviewed by SEXYTRON on Nov. 21, 2010. SEXYTRON has written 11 reviews. His/her last review was for Hell Girl. 26 out of 28 users recommend his reviews. 4 out of 4 users found this review helpful.

This is a really cool, fun action/drama series.  Tatsumi Saiga begins an investigation on the Roppongi Club, a secret society in which actors, politicians, wealthy aristocrats and the like pay to gather and indulge every sick fetish known to man.  They enage in these activities without the knowledge of their families or society.  During secret ceremonies a "goddess", Kagura Tennouzu, grants A-listers superhuman powers according to their inner desires.  Kagura is a high school student who believes that the terrible things she sees and does during the club meetings is only a dream.  She does not have any friends at school, is kept cloistered in her home, and is starved and abused by her wealthy and jealous mother.  Every night she experiences the same "dream" where she is used in the club's ceremonies - until she meets Saiga, and realizes the reality of her experiences.  While under the control one of the club's higher-ups, Chouji Suitengu, Kagura kisses Saiga and accidentally grants him the power his subconscious wishes for most - everything he takes a picture of explodes. 
When Saiga realizes just how bad Kagura's situation is, he rescues her from her home and the two of them become fugitives from the club and Kagura's mother.  It's not easy, though - they are pursued by Saiga's former lover, Captain Hibari Ginza.  Ginza is an INSANE cop who seems to consider Saiga her boyfriend.  The feeling isn't mutual, but Ginza is not the type to take no for an answer.  She often beats people up while proclaiming it was "self defense."  She will stop at nothing to get Saiga back, including abduction and making a deal with Kagura's mother and the club.   
Aside from the captain, the club puts a high price on both Saiga and Kagura.  Since they cannot function without their "goddess," they send members blessed by Kagura's power to try to eliminate Saiga and bring the girl back.  These enemies include a very stretchy male ballet dancer (much like an evil Mr. Fantastic), a woman with diamond skin, and a dentist who turns into a monster with surgical instruments as extensions of his tentacles.  Mr. Suitengu himself is also very powerful and proves to have his own set of objectives.  Saiga fights off these enemies using his own newfound power and his cameras.  
Throughout the series it becomes apparent just how evil the powers behind the Roppongi Group are - resorting to extortion, murder, and human trafficking to keep their operation running.  Their control extends to political authorities and the media.  With the right turn of events, this organization is capable of bringing down the entire country of Japan.
To complicate things further, it turns out that Kagura's powers are related to a virus that she possesses and a brain tumor that will kill her in only six months.  Kagura's mother and Mr. Suitengu have known about the tumor and have done nothing about it.  When Kagura dies, Saiga will lose his power and go blind.  Saiga has to decide whether he should tell Kagura about her illness and at the same time try to find help from his friend, a doctor. 
The series has a great ending and manages to keep the tension built up throughout all 24 episodes.  There is plenty of action and violence to keep it interesting.  The script is great and the English voice acting is respectable.  There is some disturbing and graphical sexual content and violence, but not to the point that it ruins the series or overwhelms anything else.  If you get the chance, this is definitely worth watching.
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